Week of Nightmares pages updated

Week of Nightmares pages updated

Hello Methuselah!

In case you’ve followed us on social media, you might have noticed we have updated our Week of Nightmares pages. Aapo and Antti from our WoN crew have already been hard at work to secure a venue, partnership and schedules for WoN for you guys to be able to plan your travels as early as possible.

In short, Week of Nightmares is for those of us who want to get the “full experience” of playing abroad and having fun in a foreign meta. The tournaments start on Monday 20th, and we are having 2R+F tournaments up until Friday, and start of Ropecon.

Notice that Poromagia, our venue, and expert in competitive card games, is a business space, and strictly alcohol free. To compensate for this we are organizing hang outs and a figure out a place for a pint after each tournament!

We know that you guys have more experience with hard core gaming and Week of Nightmares than I do – after all, I haven’t ever attended one! We would love to hear of your experiences and what you guys love the most about WoN. What makes it such an experience?

Keep on bleeding, and don’t be a stranger!