Kalasatama by night

Helsinki is accessible by air, boat and train.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the only airport in Helsinki. Follow the link for more information. Getting from the airport to Helsinki (or Pasila (district) in case you are coming straight to the venue) could not be easier, since the railroad from the airport runs in a circle, all trains eventually lead back to Helsinki. P-train is a few minutes faster, but take a train – any train – and you’ll be good!

Boats are an easy way to get to Helsinki as well. Stockholm, Sweden and Tallin, Estonia are the closest ports and a simple ferry ride to Helsinki could be an ideal way to reach your destination. Rostock in Germany is a valid option as well. Ferries do carry cars.

Every day is a new opportunity to play more of Vtes. You can even play during the flight!

On how to get to Ropecon and Messukeskus, see our pages on Ropecon.

Getting around in Helsinki with public transport is made easy with “Reittiopas“, a mobile tool for tickets.