Tournament Structure

Tournament Structure

Vtes Gangrel Renegade Garou

The European Champion will be nominated based on a two-day event, with Day 2 participants decided by standings of a free-for-all Day 1 tournament. The winner of Day 2 finals will be the Champion.

The tournament follows all rules on Vampire Elder Kindred Network pages for continental championships. This means that VtES EC 2022 will follow the Tiered Championship Format.

All Rules, Rulings and Guidelines laid out by VEKN will be followed, so we urge attendants to familiarize themselves with the VEKN website.

Any changes or exceptions to VEKN rules and guidelines or policies will be presented on VtES EC 2022 website.

Please note that all rulings will be based on the most recent official card texts, as complied in the following list by VEKN:

Do you have any questions on the tournament structure, how to apply or if you are eligible to attend? Please send us an email! See how to reach us on Contact Us page.