Explore the city

Explore the city

Explore the city

Provided that you have time to explore the city and to get to know the Finnish capital, we have scrounged up a list of generally useful links for information and sights:

For a few pages of compiled tips and tricks for navigating the Finnish capital, see pages 30-31 and 33-35 of Worldcon 2017‘s insightful Progress report! Helsinki has already recently been the host for one of the largest migrating conventions. Their infos have stood the test of time well.

If you’re already there on Thursday, why not join the guided Helsinki city tour before the Welcome party?


Shambling transportation
Shambling Hordes waiting in line to get to the tram. Photo from Zombie Walk Helsinki.

Even though most of your time will be spent at the tournament venue, getting about in town will still be crucial. Helsinki’s own city public transportation websites have useful tips and tools for your convenience:

Public transportation 🚌🚂 works seamlessly and is easy and safe to use in Helsinki. If you’re used to anything short of London, Paris or Berlin, Helsinki will be a walk in the park for you. Even those intimidated by larger infrastructures will find getting around in Helsinki simple and safe. See for yourself! (the venue is located near Pasila stop)

A public transportation adult one-way ticket including the use of the train, metro, bus, and tram for the regions AB (getting from the Helsinki downtown railway station to the Pasila station) is 2,80 €. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes. You can also purchase HSL day tickets for from 1 to 13 days for easy transportation during your stay.

When boarding a bus, show your ticket to the bus driver or show your HSL card to a card reader. On trams, metro, trains, and the Suomenlinna ferry, you only need to show your ticket if a ticket inspector or conductor asks you to do so.

If you prefer getting a taxi 🚕, you can book one from Taksi Helsinki, Lähitaksi, or use Uber or a similar service. A taxi or Uber ride from downtown Helsinki to the tournament venue is about 15–30 €.


In the summer, the average temperature ranges from 15 to 25 °C, even reaching up to over 30 °C. The warmest days usually happen at the end of July. The weather can vary from long heat waves to torrential rain, so be prepared to check the weather before spending days outside.

Finnish manners

A starter kit to read to keep up with Finnish customs and manners.