Social Activities During Event

Social Activities During Event

Even though VtES can be quite social, it is good to get to know other players and relax after tense games. So that players do not need to wander about aimlessly, we will organize a venue in town for players to meet collectively – an “official” venue for after parties, if you will.

IMPORTANT!! All tournament venues are STRICTLY alcohol-free, as are the tournaments. For your refreshment needs, look for bars and restaurants nearby. We’ll try to gather a list for your convenience of places to be!

Thursday meet-up

We would love to meet all of you, and get to know each other besides gaming – that’s what we’ll be pre-occupied with for the whole of the weekend anyway! To that end we are trying to find a place for an official meet-up for Thursday evening!

We will update this page and notify you through our social media platforms. Stay tuned!