Venue – Ropecon

Venue – Ropecon

Messukeskus Expo Plaza main entry. Venue of the Ropecon & EC

Ropecon is a major Nordic role-playing and gaming convention, our partner and provider of the venue, Messukeskus. In addition to the VtES European Championship, there are plenty of activities, lectures and presentations to attend. If you have some free time, we hope you reserve some of it to take part in Ropecon’s programme.


A ticket is required to attend Ropecon. This ticket includes all Ropecon content, including the VtES EC, as well as floor space for the night if you bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. In other words, EC participants are required to purchase entry to Ropecon. See Ropecon’s pricing plan for further information. Ropecon is a well-maintained convention with long-reaching roots, and we hope you will share our view on the pricing being more than reasonable for the convention’s content.

EC attendees will require a Ropecon ticket to attend (single ticket: 40 €). These tickets are purchasable in Ropecon’s web store:

Please note: Friday attendees have to purchase the tickets IN ADVANCE ONLINE (the online store will close only few hours before the convention starts) to attend the Friday event, as we begin the tournament outside of Ropecon’s official opening hours.

Discount tickets will be available until June 30 2022. After this, the online tickets will be the same price as at the venue entrance (45 € for a single weekend ticket). The tickets are purchasable in advance until July 27.

In case you need help with the tickets, give either us or Ropecon an email!

Arriving & accessibility

Arriving at Messukeskus is easy, as the Pasila railway station is right next to the complex. Have a look at the site map, and a layout for getting there. All trains to and from Helsinki stop in Pasila. Take a train, any train! All entrances and premises at Messukeskus are accessible.

Messukeskus on Google Maps

Eat & drink

The Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre has a good selection of restaurants within the venue. Meals are served during the day and in the evening, snacks and beverages are available around the clock. There are also grocery stores in close vicinity of the venue. Note that all main event venues are STRICTLY alcohol-free, as are the tournaments.


Ropecon provides us with streaming technology to record VtES. Take a look at our previous streams and commentaries in the Social section!

Ropecon has always prided themselves as an international event, and their website takes English-speaking communities and visitors well into account. If you follow their instructions and advice on arrival and code of conduct, you can’t really go wrong!

Take a look at Ropecon’s previous websites to learn more about the convention: