What to do in Helsinki – Besides bleed like there’s no tomorrow

What to do in Helsinki – Besides bleed like there’s no tomorrow

We know you are in the middle of doing your travel plans, as things go with larger events like the EC. Thankfully we have people who like to share their experiences on what you should look into doing, in case you decide to take a day or two extra off either before or after the tournaments. And let’s be fair, why wouldn’t you?

The following piece of traveling advice comes from our very own Jyri “Jyrkkä”.

This is a short guide to less conventional tourist attractions in the Finnish capital.

1. Hike in a forest! There are a lot of forests in Finland but not all of them are equally outstanding. A marvelous place to start is Nuuksio. Nuuksio is a humongous park. There are lots of paths, and even a couple of lakes and ponds where you can swim (don’t be afraid of snakes or insects, none are dangerous up here). Pack a towel, a swimsuit and some sausages, and go to Nuuksio. There are neat trails, but please be a nice person and make fires only in designated places. You can drink alcohol (beer = bisse) there if you want to but, au fait, don’t leave anything behind in the nature.


2. Are you ready to try the sauna? And to be naked in front of scary Finns and other good people? Good! There are two great options. You can take a Uber/taxi in the center and give the address “Sompasauna”. This sauna is completely free of charge. You can wear a swimsuit or a towel if you want. Or if you have a cool Jedi robe – that is also super ok. Other people might be naked, though. You can swim in the Baltic Sea there. If you want (not necessary at all), you can bring something shareable and unique with you there. A folk song, a beer to share, or even a flag from your country. Be creative and nice.


If you’re willing to pay for your sauna visit and get the most of it, then head to the Kotiharju sauna. It’s easy to reach. It costs approximately 14 € to enter, not including towel rent. You can, of course, bring your own towel. Drinking and eating snacks is okay in the dressing room but not in the sauna. There are separate sections for men and women. No swimsuits are allowed in the sauna. You can book a cupping therapy session in advance, but we have no experience of it ourselves.


Are you traveling alone and would like to do some exploring or visit the saunas, but you’d rather have company? Let us know and the EC crew just might be able to help you out!

Thank you, Jyri “Jyrkkä” Puhakka for this brief, but essential article to get you started on some undeniably Finnish things to try out during your visit!