WoN results & photos

WoN results & photos

Week of Nightmares Monday 25.7.2022

17 players.


Gangrel Anarch Wall (Edouard) -> Vent! & HoS Legionnaire (Esku) -> Khurshid Legionnaire (Jani) -> Anson guns (Jyri) -> Ministry vote breeder (Otso)

🏆 Winner Jyri Puhakka with Anson Gun (1.5vp in finals).

Deck Name: Anson Gun
Author: Jyrkkä

Crypt (12 cards, min=31 max=29 avg=6.75)
2x Anneke                      10 dom AUS CEL PRE           justicar   Toreador:1
2x François Villon             10 chi obf pot AUS CEL PRE   prince     Toreador:2
3x Anson                       8 aus dom CEL PRE           prince     Toreador:1
1x Black Cat                   5 pot pre CEL                          Brujah:1
1x Volker, The Puppet Prince   5 pot CEL                   prince     Brujah:2
1x Jimmy Dunn                  4 for CEL POT                          Pander:2
1x New Blood                   2 san                                  Blood Brother:ANY
1x Anarch Convert              1                                      Caitiff:ANY

Library (80 cards)
Master (25)
9x Ashur Tablets
1x Blind Spot
1x Blood Doll
1x Direct Intervention
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
3x Haven Uncovered
1x Tension in the Ranks
5x Villein

Action (6)
4x Bum's Rush
1x Entrancement
1x Intimidation

Equipment (6)
6x .44 Magnum

Political Action (1)
1x Kine Resources Contested

Action Modifier (1)
1x Aire of Elation

Action Modifier/Combat (1)
1x Resist Earth's Grasp

Reaction (8)
7x Second Tradition: Domain
1x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (31)
1x Blur
6x Concealed Weapon
7x Infernal Pursuit
6x Psyche!
5x Pursuit
1x Side Strike
5x Taste of Vitae

Event (1)
1x Dragonbound

Week of Nightmares Tuesday 26.7.2022

18 players.


Khurshid Legionnaire (Tommi – top seed) -> Gangrel Anarch Wall (Teemu) -> Mambo & moossers (Marko) -> Giotto & princes vote (Esku) -> Brujah Anarch bleed (Niko)

🏆 Winner Tommi Hakomaa with Harbringer Legionnaire wall (0.5vp in finals).

Name: Khursidwall 
Author: Dada
Played by: Tommi Hakomaa

Crypt (12 cards, min=4 max=32 avg=4.83)
5x Anarch Convert      1                      Caitiff:ANY
3x Khurshid            8 AUS FOR NEC POT      Harbinger of Skulls:6
2x Mordechai Ben-Nun   8 ANI AUS FOR NEC      Harbinger of Skulls:5
1x Anu Diptinatpa      7 aus vic DOM NEC      Nagaraja:6
1x Hecate              6 AUS FOR NEC          Harbinger of Skulls:5

Library (90 cards)
Master (21)
3x Direct Intervention
1x Fragment of the Book of Nod
1x Haven Uncovered
6x Liquidation
5x Piper
4x Villein
1x Wider View

Action (6)
4x Gear Up
2x Soul Feasting

Ally (10)
10x Emerald Legionnaire

Retainer (2)
2x Vengeful Spirit

Action Modifier (2)
2x Trochomancy

Reaction (27)
3x Eluding the Arms of Morpheus
9x Eyes of Argus
5x Guardian Vigil
3x My Enemy's Enemy
7x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (19)
3x Aura Reading
6x Hidden Strength
2x Rolling with the Punches
6x Target Vitals
2x Taste of Vitae

Event (3)
1x FBI Special Affairs Division
2x Unmasking, The

Week of Nightmares Wednesday 27.7.2022

14 players.


Banu (Antti – top seed) -> Unnamed bleed (Tero) -> Tupdog ❤️ Nephandus (Tommi) -> IC flurry bleed + vote (Juho) -> G1-2 Toreador gun wall (Bram)

🏆 Winner Tero Aalto with Unnamed (1.5vp in finals).

Deck Name: (Sem título): I Lost My Senses
Author: Tero Aalto
Description: A variation of the original "(Sem título)" with optimized card flow.

Crypt (12 cards, min=10 max=40 avg=6.33)
1x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY
5x Horde, The 3 dai obf pre Baali:6
6x unnamed, The 10 CEL DAI OBF PRE PRO Baali:6

Library (66 cards)
Master (9)
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
2x Perfectionist
3x Secure Haven

Action (14)
1x Contagion
4x Entrancement
6x Flurry of Action
3x Unleash Hell's Fury

Ally (5)
5x Infernal Servitor

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Retainer (2)
2x Homunculus

Action Modifier (26)
2x Cloak the Gathering
4x Elder Impersonation
3x Enkil Cog
2x Faceless Night
3x I am Legion
7x Instantaneous Transformation
4x Lost in Crowds
1x Psychomachia

Action Modifier/Reaction (4)
4x Sense the Sin

Combat (4)
2x Earth Meld
2x Form of Mist

Event (2)
1x Narrow Minds
1x Scourge of the Enochians