Ropecon cancelled for July due to COVID-19

Ropecon cancelled for July due to COVID-19

With heavy hearts we announce a cancellation of VtES EC 2020 in July. With the COVID-19 taking a toll on the whole world, Finland has decided to take measures and cancel all public large-scale events until August. This of course includes Ropecon, our host.

Even though Ropecon has prepared for July, local legislation cannot be overruled. They have announced that they are hard at work discussing options for a later date this year, and we will of course closely follow these developments.

We are currently discussing the fate of European Championship 2020 with BCP. The options at first hand seem to be either moving EC elsewhere from Helsinki this year, or examining the possibility of holding it in Ropecon later in the year. We should have more information soon, and Ec2020 might still become a reality!

The pandemic has affected us all in unusual and unsuspecting ways. Event organizers globally could not have prepared for the scale of the influence of this pandemic over everyone’s life. This is to say we have no hard feelings, and the right thing to do is to work with those with best knowledge on the situation.

Vampire the Eternal Struggle is a loved hobby for all of us, but ultimately it is just that – a hobby. European Championship will find another time, and another place, in due time. We of course hope it will still be this year, and we would be honored to host the games in Finland, but only time will tell now.

Of course we are sad about this, but not heart-broken – national and international safety always comes first.

Keep following us for further information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In case you want to read more about the decisions yourself, help yourself to these links:

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Stay safe, and bleed well,

EC 2020 Crew