State of the World and Ropecon

State of the World and Ropecon

Greetings Methuselahs!

We are living some extraordinary times, and both travel and events world wide have been affected by the Corona virus. You might be wondering how VtES events and the largest tournament in the world, European Championship, will be affected.

The answer in short is: most likely it won’t be.

Our event is governed by the decrees of Finnish government, and the decisions of Ropecon for the venue. We would like to echo Ropecon’s own communication on the matter: the event is months away, and there is no reason to slow down the preparations for the event, even in the light of most recent events.

Black Chantry came forward with a similar message: VtES events, and Grand Prix tournaments in particular, may be understandably affected by most recent developments of the epidemic in Europe, but there is no reason to panic at the slightest, nor stop playing and preparing for major tournaments.

As preparations for Ropecon continue as normal, so too does our preparation for EC.

Stay safe, everyone, and keep on bleeding! We hope to see you all in July!

EC Crew