Managing your stay is probably the most important aspect to travel. To get a roof over your head, and maybe a little extra, in close vicinity of the tournament venue with as little hassle as possible is of course in everbody’s best interest.

To this end, we have discussed a deal for you with Holiday Inn Expo. They are a high quality hotel that is located practically in the same building with the tournament venue! You cannot get any closer than that (unless you bring your coffin with you and make use of Ropecon’s floor space specified for you, included in your Ropecon ticket; see below).

You need to make the reservation yourself. Just follow the link here for reservations page. The deal is valid 17th July to 27th July. EC crew cannot make these reservations in your stead.

NOTE: At the moment there might be some errors when booking through the link provided above. In any such cases, or if you have special requests (regarding beds for example), please make sure to email the hotel directly with all information and details described below!

If you wish to make your reservation through phone or email, use this reservation code:
Vtes European Champioship allotment

Single room – 83€ per night
Double room – 98€ per night
Ask the hotel if you need an extra bed – 20€ per night
Includes breakfast

We urge players to make their reservations as soon as possible, as the hotel is understandably very popular among Ropecon visitors, and the rooms go fast. The deal is redeemable by latest 10th July, but we simply cannot guarantee there are vacancies left that late, as the deal is subject to hotel availability.

Hotel information:
Holiday Inn Helsinki – Expo
Address: Messuaukio 1, 00520 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 150 900

Other accommodation

There are of course many other options for you. Did you know!? Ropecon has plenty of floor space reserved for those that are willing to bring a mattress and a sleeping bag (included in Ropecon ticket).

There are plenty of hostels and other hotels in Helsinki you can contact.

For couch surfers and those interested in Airbnb Helsinki is an easy and safe place to explore.

Finnish summers are warm day and night (we only have a little snow), and camping is actually something some might want to consider. Camping is however reserved to specific areas, and a place for your tent costs a few euro. Search the web for options. You might want to start with Rastila.