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This site contains information about VTES games in Finland, concentrating on the general Helsinki area.

  • Trade lists: trade list links from some local players
  • Deck lists: some random decks from tournament winners/finalists
  • Mailing list: local game discussion, in Finnish

Ropecon 2017

On Friday 28th July we'll once again run the big tournament at the Ropecon gaming convention in Messukeskus, Helsinki. No tournament fee as such, but everyone needs to have a Ropecon convention ticket.

Standard constructed tournament (no proxies!), three 2-hour rounds plus final round. The tournament is also the Finnish European Championship Qualifier for this year. Everyone is very welcome, regardless of play experience :)

Note that proxies are not allowed in the tournament. However, all cards from the PDF sets are legal, as normal.

We start at 18:00, and registration on site opens around 16:00. Registration closes at 17:30, please be there on time!. As traditional, this is a very-late-at-night tournament, with the finals being played in the early morning hours. Caffeine is your friend!

An alternative to registering on site is pre-registering, either by emailing me ( or by marking your attendance in the Facebook group ( I will try to keep this list synchronized with the Facebook one, but there will be some lag now and then.

Important: if you have pre-registered (i.e. your name is on this list and/or on the Facebook event), you do not need to register on site. Just show up by 18:00 (don't be late!).

Also important: if you find out you cannot make it after you have pre-registered, please let me know. Also, if it looks like you'll be arriving on site a bit late, please tell me (if it's a last-minute thing, SMS or Facebook PM is probably the best option).

Current pre-registration list

  1. Janne Lönnqvist
  2. Otso Saariluoma
  3. Tiago Brum
  4. Mikko Hyvärinen
  5. Peetu Makkonen
  6. Teemu Pulkkinen
  7. Niina Lindroos
  8. Tero Aalto
  9. Jussi Hattara
  10. Tom Lindberg
  11. Teemu Sainomaa
  12. Tommi Hakomaa
  13. Aapo Järvelin
  14. Lasse Pöyry


Moved list of Anthology Set requests to separate page.

Upcoming local tournaments

Past tournaments

Links to some selected local tournament reports, see the VEKN forums and calendar for full lists.











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