newsgroup tournament report:

Date of event: Saturday June 19th, 2010 
Location of event: Espoo, Finland 
# of players: 16 
Winning Player: Aleksi Nuora (VEKN 3070125) 
Winning Clan: True Brujah 
Winning Faction: Bahari 
Key Minion: Nehemiah 

We played the Battle Lines storyline over here last Saturday, and got a very decent attendance (16) taking into account that it's a summer weekend.

The win went to Aleksi Nuora with his (Bahari) True Brujah deck. It's a slow builder of a deck, but when it gets going it's very very dangerous. It also has some fun tech (the Temptation angle, with Abactor for maximized nasty).

All in all, I saw a lot of very different decks. Multiple Baali of course (though nobody was quite crazy enough to bring a Loyalist Baali deck :) but only two Kiasyd, which has a bit of a surprise for me. My own (Nagaraja) deck packed a copy of Mistrust but I didn't draw it once over 3 games – plain bad luck there. It would have been useful. The final round consisted of (in seating order):

  • Matias Frosterus (Bahari Gargoyle), final total 2 GW, 6.5 VP
  • Otso Turunen (Bahari Baali), final total 1 GW, 6.5 VP
  • Antero Hakala (Loyalist Daughters), final total 1 GW, 4 VP
  • Aleksi Nuora (Bahari True Brujah), final total 2 GW, 8.5 VP
  • Marko Saari (Bahari Baali), final total 2 GW, 7 VP

The finals were actually pretty boring and resulted in a timeout… almost everyone had so much bloat that nothing much seemed to happen. The two Baali decks were both Great Beast -based, so they were stuck in contest hell and ended up being a lot less powerful than they otherwise would have been.

The full clan breakdown for the day was:

4 x Baali (Bahari) 
3 x Gargoyle (Bahari) 
2 x Daughters (Loyalist) 
2 x Kiasyd (Bahari) 
2 x Nagaraja (one Bahari, one Loyalist) 
2 x Salubri (one Bahari, one Loyalist) 
1 x True Brujah (Bahari) 

Bahari was obvious a *lot* more popular, for obvious reasons. It was a fun tournament, especially because ignoring the grouping rules and some clan disabilities let you build decks you never could try out normally. It was also very very unbalanced, the Bahari faction card was miles beyond the Loyalist one in power, and letting Baali ignore their untap cost let them do nasty things. Still, a fun time was had.

Aleksi's winning deck:

Description : 
Fairly straightforward. Control Villeined minions with Rants and 
Tempts, oust when the opportunity presents itself. The deck is based 
on the idea that if a stealth vote/bleed deck can cycle cards at a 
nearly arbitrary rate it will win. 
Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 7 max: 9 average: 8.41667 
4x Nehemiah               9  POT PRE SER TEM obt  2 votes  True Bruj:4 
3x Dmitra Ilyanova        9  CEL FOR POT PRE obf  justicar Brujah:5 
2x Synesios               8  POT PRE TEM obf ser  2 votes  True Bruj:2 
2x Karen Suadela          7  CEL POT obf pre      prince   Brujah:5 
1x Giangaleazzo, The      8  OBT POT PRE dom      prince   Lasombra:4 
Library [90 cards] 
Action [15] 
  1x Abactor   /Excellent card. 
  4x Clotho's Gift 
  1x Entrancement 
  1x Heart of the City 
  1x Horseshoes   /Might even add a second one. 
  7x Temptation 
Action Modifier [39] 
  4x Bewitching Oration 
  5x Domain of Evernight 
  5x Iron Glare   /Needs two more of these. 
  2x Perfect Paragon 
  6x Pocket Out of Time 
  4x Recurring Contemplation   /Absolute gold. 
  5x Tangle Atropos' Hand   /Absolute... platinum. 
  8x Voter Captivation 
Action Modifier / Combat [2] 
  2x Force of Personality 
Ally [3] 
  1x Impundulu 
  1x Mylan Horseed (Goblin) 
  1x Young Bloods 
Combat [6] 
  6x Majesty 
Master [10] 
  1x Creepshow Casino 
  1x Monastery of Shadows 
  1x Tabriz Assembly 
  7x Villein 
Political Action [15] 
  1x Banishment 
  4x Free States Rant 
  5x Kine Resources Contested 
  3x Parity Shift 
  2x Reckless Agitation 

original announcement:

Please read the rules, this is a Bloodlines tournament with some very specialized rules.

We'll be playing in Otaniemi in the 3A gaming room (Jämeräntaival 3A, Espoo), starting at 11:00. Entry fee is 3 euros.

Since we got a fair amount of the promos for this one, each player will receive two copies of all the new promos!

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