EC miniqualifier "Espoo", 2008

For this last Finnish miniqualifier before the EC we got a bit less than the 20+ players I was expecting, but still easily enough to run a tournament. This was officially the “Espoo” miniqualifier since it was organized by me as the prince of Espoo, but the place was the new Fantasiapelit gaming room in Helsinki. The more remote location of this place combined with the short advance notice of the actual date (we had some scheduling difficulties) probably contributed to the relatively modest attendance. In any case, it was a fun tournament and we had a lot of interesting decks, some of which were also very lethal. My own Daughters-flavored deck did ok, but not quite well enough for the finals.

The finals had Otso (Ahrimane voter anarchists) bleeding Tuukka (Democritus contest mania) bleeding Teemu (Baalis & Blind Spot) bleeding Eemil (Tzimisce wall) bleeding Taija (Stanislava dom+pro). The table stayed quite balanced for a long while but then began to crumble with both Tuukka and Otso getting ousted. For a long time it looked like Taija would take the table, but then Teemu (her husband :) managed to snatch victory at almost literally the last minute, winning the tournament due to 0.5VP more preliminary standings.

So Teemu Sainomaa gets EC qualification, grats to him and all the other finalists too.

Added: it was later pointed out that according to current rules, the organizer cannot play in a miniqualifier – so my own results should be disqualified here. Fortunately, the tournament was of legal size even without me being counted among the players.


Rank Name             GW VP  Final
1    Teemu Sainomaa   2  7.5 2
2    Taija Sainomaa   2  7   2
3    Eemil Lagerspetz 1  4   1
4    Otso Saariluoma  2  6   0
5    Tuukka Kallas    1  5   0
6    Matti Palomäki   1  4       
7    Petri Wessman    0  3       
8    Heikki Palomäki  0  2       
9    Janne Lönnqvist  0  2       
10   Tommi Hakomaa    0  2       
11   Antti Horelli    0  1.5     
12   Akseli Jalava    0  1       
12   Otso Turunen     0  1       
14   Lauri Salmi      0  1       
15   Niko Vanhatalo   0  0       
16   Henri Kangas     0  0       

Winning deck


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