Eden's Legacy storyline, Sunday 20.12 at 11:00, Viikki

Ok, saatiin juuri tuo pelattua. 21 pelaajaa, ei hassummin.

Voitto meni (täpärästi) Jarille (Mäkikyrö), 2 GW + 8,5 VP vei voiton
Markon (Saari) nenän edestä (2 GW + 8 VP).

Voittajaklaani oli Ahrimanes, most valuable minion Siamese. Motivation: Jyhad.

Original tournament announce:

Ok, Jari arranged for Viikki to be available for us on Sunday December 20th, so we'll run the Eden's Legacy storyline then.

The storyline into PDF is here, and the rules are here. Please read them carefully, since once again this storyline has very specific and nonstandard rules :).

We'll start at 11am, and play 3 two-hour rounds (I think 2 hours is enough per round, the storyline rules this time round don't sound like they'll slow down the game). The winner will be decided by the GW+VP total, and will get to nominate one of the vampires in his deck as his “key minion”; this info will be reported onwards as the official storyline result, and may affect upcoming cards.

Each player will receive 4 new storyline promos, and a copy of the storyline “Motivated by…” cards. There will be an entry fee of 5 euros, to cover the cost of the tournament kits of its dissertation writing service.

The address is Talonpojantie 13 in Viikki. Jari said he'll try to have some snacks available there, for a small fee.

There is no mandatory registration but if you know you're coming please let me know, either via email (orava@iki.fi) or by adding your name here. This will let us plan the number of storyline kits we need, in advance.

Everyone welcome ;)

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