Twilight Rebellion postrelease, May 31st

The latest VTES set, Twilight Rebellion, will be released for sale on May 28th. As traditional, we'll be running a tournament with the new set, this time it's a “postrelease” held the following Saturday (May 31st). This set is booster-only and centers on the Anarch faction, so we decided to combo the new cards with the Anarchs set cards for deckbuilding.

Time: Saturday May 31st, starting at 11:00
Place: Fantasiapelit Helsinki
Entry fee: 20e (this gets you 5 TR boosters + 5 Anarchs boosters, plus adv Nergal promo)

Note the early start time. Though this may cause some dismay for the more morning-sleepy amongst us, it's because we need plenty of time to draft the new cards and build decks (no starter decks to use as base, here).

The boosters will be drafted as usual, and then time given to everyone to construct decks. Normal 60-90 tournament deck size limits (yes, this will require that you include lots of non-optimal cards :). Vampire groups are not enforced here, and you may also use the advanced Nergal promo card you get as part of your deck if you're feeling suicidal.

Play begins when everyone is ready, and the intention is to play 3 rounds (with 2-hour max time limit), no finals. The winner gets a (new?) edge token that is included as part of the tournament kit, but since all boosters in the kits will go to players we probably won't have any other prizes. Some small suprises are a possibility, though, we'll see.

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