Dominate Please

Created By:  Tuomas Vuokko

This Was A Triumph
I'm Making A Note Here:
It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction.
Ventrue Inc.
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us.
Except the ones who are dead.

(Thank you portal song)

Anyways, our prince practically ordered us to play some cheesy crap, so I played some dominate garbage.
Bleed hard and dont get too scorched in the process. I think with this deck I tripled the maximum amount of
bleed boost cards i've had in a deck. ever.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 18, Max: 30, Avg: 6.25)
 2  Timothy Crowley                  ani dom FOR PRE  7  Ventrue
 3  Sir Walter Nash                  DOM FOR PRE      7  Ventrue
 2  Emerson Bridges                  pot DOM FOR PRE  8  Ventrue
 1  Jazz Wentworth                   dom for PRE      5  Ventrue
 1  Ranjan Rishi                     for DOM PRE      5  Ventrue
 1  Violette Prentiss                dom PRE          4  Ventrue
 1  Victoria Ash                     aus cel dom PRE  6  Toreador
 1  Ingrid Russo                     for DOM          4  Ventrue Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (16 cards)
 1  Giant`s Blood
 2  Dreams of the Sphinx
 6  Vessel
 1  Coven, The
 1  Misdirection
 2  Pentex Subversion
 1  Jake Washington (Hunter)
 2  Anarch Troublemaker

Action (26 cards)
 12 Govern the Unaligned
 4  Entrancement
 4  Mind Numb
 4  Enchant Kindred
 2  Slaughtering the Herd

Action Modifier (28 cards)
 3  Seduction
 6  Conditioning
 3  Foreshadowing Destruction
 4  Bonding
 6  Freak Drive
 3  Daring the Dawn
 3  Approximation of Loyalty

Political Action (2 cards)
 2  Parity Shift

Reaction (8 cards)
 7  Deflection
 1  Redirection

Combat (10 cards)
 10 Majesty 
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