Deck Name : Unnamed

Author : Pasi Karjalainen

Description : Originally developed by my brother Toni Karjalainen. I simply thinned the deck down to 77 cards to make it more effective.

The deck generates massive amounts of pool and bleeds. Specialties of Xeper and Annazir can single handily stop certain strategies e.g. allies. To improve the deck I would now add a second Narrow Minds.

Crypt (12 vampires) Capacity min: 3 max: 10 average: 7

4x unnamed, The           10 CEL DAI OBF PRE PRO              Baali:6
4x Horde, The             3  dai obf pre                      Baali:6
1x Nergal                 10 AUS DAI FOR OBF PRE THA          Baali:5
1x Annazir                9  DAI OBF POT PRE          2 votes Baali:5
1x Xeper, Sultan of L     7  OBF PRE ani dai pro              Baali:6
1x Arishat                6  DAI OBF PRE              1 vote  Baali:6

Library (77 cards)

Action (15)
  1x Aranthebes, The Immortal
  2x Entrancement
  7x Legal Manipulations
  4x Social Charm
  1x Unleash Hell's Fury

Action Modifier (23)
  3x Cloak the Gathering
  4x Elder Impersonation
  1x Enkil Cog
  3x Faceless Night
  2x I am Legion
  4x Lost in Crowds
  2x Psychomachia
  4x Spying Mission

Ally (1)
  1x Veneficti (Mage)

Combat (7)
  7x Majesty

Event (2)
  1x Narrow Minds
  1x Scourge of the Enochians

Master (17)
  1x Dreams of the Sphinx
  2x Golconda: Inner Peace
  1x Jake Washington (Hunter)
  1x Ruins of Charizel
  1x Sudden Reversal
  6x Tend the Flock
  5x Villein

Reaction (5)
  2x Delaying Tactics
  3x On the Qui Vive

Reaction/Action Modifier (7)
  7x Sense the Sin
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