Lasombra Capitalists


My last big tournament was EC07 in which I played Lucretia &
Spider-Killer DoC Concert Tour deck with Tariq and Spiridonas as
sidekicks. I was the last. I realised that Life Boon as the main
method of getting VP's is not solid enough to win titles (I also
find out that there is a card called Blood Trade in this
game). So, this time I decided to go with dominate.

Deck Name:   Lasombra capitalists
Created By:  Lasse Pöyry

Description: Trying to bleed without spending all the blood from
my vampires. It is good to be blocked every now and then so you
are not seen as a table threat.

/* I made this deck in 30 minutes and there are some second best
solutions just because of my unfortunate but self-inflicted time
constraint */

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 31, Avg: 6,33)
 1  Anton de Concepcion              aus ANI DOM OBT POT9  Lasombra
 1  Conrad Adoula                    ani cel DOM OBT POT8  Lasombra
 1  Henri Lavenant                   pot qui DOM OBT  7  Lasombra
 1  Tobias Smith                     pot DOM OBT PRE  7  Lasombra
 1  Lord Vauxhall                    DOM OBT POT THA  7  Lasombra
 1  Black Wallace                    obt tha DOM POT  6  Lasombra
 1  Virginie                         obt DOM POT      6  Lasombra
 1  Onaedo                           aus pot DOM OBT  6  Lasombra
 1  Andrew Emory                     aus dom pot OBT  5  Lasombra
 1  Ermenegildo                      pot DOM OBT      5  Lasombra
 1  Banjoko                          obt pot DOM      5  Lasombra
 1  Dame Hollerton                   myt DOM OBT      5  Kiasyd

/* Bottom heavy line of capacities. I'm quite happy with my
choices here */

Library: (90 cards)
Master (13 cards)
 4  Vessel
 4 Capitalist /* I didn't get this vessel-capitalist thing to
 work as well as I thought, but I still think the idea is sound */
 1  Grooming the Protege
 1  Slave Auction
 1  Political Hunting Ground
 1  Path of Night, The
 1  Elysian Fields

/* Could do without all the Lasombra-masters */

Action (15 cards)
 8  Scouting Mission
 6  Govern the Unaligned
 1  Graverobbing

/* I was suprised to not be able to actually use the
Graverobbing. I was expecting much more violent behavior. */

Action Modifier (24 cards)
 3  Seduction
 6  Threats
 3  Bonding
 2  Conditioning
 3 Shroud of Night /* Should definitely be Shroud of Absence. I
 think I only have one and that wasn't in my obtenebrations cards
 pile */
 5  Shadow Play
 1  Tenebrous Form
 1 Tangle Atropos` Hand /* Didn't use this one, I had to include
 it because I have just this one copy and I had never played it
 before */

Reaction (16 cards)
 3 On the Qui Vive /* Should have had more. All my other OtQV's
 were in different decks and I didn't have time to go through
 them (or I just was lazy and figured that wakes will do) */
 4  Wake with Evening`s Freshness
 5  Redirection
 4  Deflection

Combat (16 cards)
 10 Arms of the Abyss
 4  Entombment
 2  Disarm

/* Free dodge with additional strike is so strong. Actually I was
planning to get blocked every once in a while and thats why I
have more combat cards than stealth. */

Ally (6 cards)
 6  Nocturn

/* These were supposed to be cannon fodder but I dealt
differently with rush decks (in round 1 I gave Beast one hour to
go forward and get an oust before trying to oust its
controller. A deal that was worth it for both of us I think). But
they actually served as offence and in the final table Nocturns
finished both of my ousts in a single turn. */

/* Card flow was decent and I was quite happy with the balance
between modifiers and combat cards. The deck in itself isn't very
clever or anything, but 38 dominate cards seems to get the work
done. */
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