Kill Fast or Die Fast

Deck Name : kill fast or die fast - at least I get my lunch break
Author : Juhani Puska

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 5 average: 1.91667
1x Calebros, The Mart     5  ANI obf pot  prince Nosferatu:2
1x Volker, The Puppet     5  CEL pot      prince Brujah:2
1x KoKo                   2  pot                 Nosferatu:1
1x Lupo                   2  pot                 Brujah:1
1x Vasilis, The Trait     2  pre                 Brujah:2
1x Antoinette DuChamp     1  cel pre             Caitiff:2
1x Franciscus             1  aus                 Caitiff:2
1x Hasina Kesi            1  pot                 Caitiff:1
1x Julius                 1  qui ser             Caitiff:2
1x Navar McClaren         1  ani                 Caitiff:1
1x Nik                    1  cel                 Caitiff:1
1x Smudge the Ignored     1                     Caitiff:1

Library [60 cards]
Action Modifier [8]
  3x Change of Target
  3x Closed Session
  2x Cryptic Rider

Ally [2]
  2x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

Combat [4]
  4x Dodge

Master [12]
  1x Archon Investigation
  1x Creepshow Casino
  1x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Fear of Mekhet
  3x Information Highway
  3x Life in the City
  1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1x Powerbase: Rome

Political Action [34]
  2x Disputed Territory
  1x Justicar Retribution
  23x Kine Resources Contested
  1x Praxis Seizure: Amsterdam
  1x Praxis Seizure: Barcelona
  1x Praxis Seizure: Brussels
  1x Praxis Seizure: Chicago
  1x Praxis Seizure: Cleveland
  1x Praxis Seizure: Miami
  1x Praxis Seizure: Rome
  1x Praxis Seizure: Stockholm
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