Deck Name: Tutte bjuder till fest

Created By: Adam Esbjörnsson

Description: The deck is best slow-played, not to show off too much dominate to keep the table guessing at whether you play combat or votes. Using mirror walk and obedience to never get into a combat you don't want to enter. Just wait the game out and take the last two VPs before anyone knows what's happening (at least that's the idea ^_^). Works really well in a combat environment, would probably be weak against vote decks with stealth - but thankfully I never had to face that.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 23, Max: 40, Avg: 8,08)
  1 Andrew Stuart AUS DOM THA 5 Tremere
  1 Claus Wegener aus for tha DOM 5 Tremere
  1 Dr. John Dee chi ANI AUS DOM THA9 Tremere
  5 Gabrielle di Righetti obf pot ANI AUS DOM THA10 Tremere
  1 Graham Gottesman obf pre tha DOM FOR7 Ventrue
  1 Muhsin Samir aus pot DOM THA 6 Tremere
  1 Preston Varrick aus nec DOM OBF THA7 Tremere
  1 Troius cel AUS DOM THA 8 Tremere

Library: (76 cards)
Master (8 cards)
  2 Anarch Troublemaker
  1 Arcane Library
  1 Metro Underground
  2 Misdirection
  1 Monastery of Shadows
  1 Pentex Subversion

Action (15 cards)
  13 Govern the Unaligned
  2 Mind Rape

Action Modifier (23 cards)
  2 Bonding
  6 Conditioning
  1 Enkil Cog
  8 Mirror Walk
  4 Seduction
  2 Veil the Legions

Political Action (2 cards)
  2 Parity Shift

Reaction (26 cards)
  8 Deflection
  8 Obedience
  10 Second Tradition: Domain, The

Ally (1 cards)
  1 Ponticulus

Equipment (1 cards)
  1 Heart of Nizchetus
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