Want lists


  • Mbare Market, Harare 1-2 kpl
  • Swallowed by the night (LotN)
  • Mr. Winthrop (HttB)
  • Wise spider 1-2 kpl
  • Ivory Bow (KoT) 2 kpl


  1. Mythic form 8-10
  2. Redeem the Lost Soul 2-3
  3. Heart of the City 4
  4. Preternatural Strenght 2
  5. Well-Marked 8


 3x Muricia
 3x Effie lowery
 1x Stick
 2x Delilah monroe
 2x Muse 
 2x Gael pilet
 3x Yseult
 2x Angela preston
 1x Dolphin black
 1x Jackie
 4x Lucita
 4x Lucita adv
 2x Conrad adoula
 2x Ermenegildo the rake
 1x Lord vauxhall
 1x Lucy markowitz
 1x Andrew emory
 1x Onaedo
 1x Dame hollerton
 1x Dedefra
 1x Allonzo montoya
 1x Agi
9x Skin of the adder
6x Swiftness of the stag
1x Ears of the hare
4x Speak with spirits
4x Shell game
6x Walk of caine
6x Unwholesome bond
7x Serpentis
10x Shattering Crescendo
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