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Ropecon 2011 Finnish ECQ, July 29


Tournament: Finnish 2011 ECQ
Date: Friday July 29th, 2011
Place: Ropecon 2011 gaming convention, Dipoli, Espoo, Finland
Players: 90
Format: Constructed, 3R+F
Winner: Otso Saariluoma (see below for deck list)

Another Ropecon, another big annual VTES tournament and Finnish ECQ (for the European Championships in Warsaw, Nov 11-13).

At least so far, the cancellation of the game doesn't seem to have had any effect on player attendance; in fact, with 90 players we had the third highest attendance ever. Not bad for a “dead” game :). In addition, everything went really smoothly, I actually managed to get the first round started almost at 18:00 which is a new record. Thanks for this goes to the players; everyone registered on time, lots of people helped out with organizing the tables, and in general it was just a very fun tournament to run. Thanks, everyone.

Most of the players were Finnish of course, but we had a nice Scandinavian (Sweden & Denmark) team also present. Most of my own time and energy went into running things and answering rules questions, or course, but my impressions based on watching random tables for random amounts of time was that the quality was quite high. Lots of nice, well-tuned decks and good play, and also a ton of different deck types – no one type seemed to dominate (pun alert) the game. What I heard from some players seems to confirm this, I was told that the game was tighter and more focused in general this year. There were precious few easy wins to be had, this time. I got the impression that there were fewer vote decks out there than usual, at least I didn't see all that many around… but on the other hand the final had two so what do I know.

The final round this year was interesting but drawn out, it actually ended in a tie – there is a transcript of the final round at the end of this article for those interested in the nitty-gritty. The finalist decks were a varied bunch: an Auxpex weenie deck, an ani/pot combat deck, a Lasombra vote deck, a Dmitra-powered vote deck, and a Tre/!Tre dom bleed deck. After a long struggle the game ended in a timeout, with Otso's Auspex weenies and Ville's Ani/Pot hurt machine still left on the table. Otso took the tournament win due to a higher initial seed. This was especially impressive considering he also won last year's 93-player tournament(!).

Ville was awarded an extra “most brutal combat deck” award (judge's discretion) in the form of a Theo Bell action figure (with torn signpost!). Very fitting. All attendees also got a huge pile of promos, thanks to Finnish NC Janne Lönnqvist.

-Petri “Orava” Wessman


The bolded players received EC qualification for 2011.

Rank Name Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs Deck/comment
1 Otso Saariluoma 3 12 1.5 “Victoria's Secret” (see below)
2 Adam Esbjörnsson 2 9 1 “Rautakanki” (see below)
2 Toni Karjalainen 2 10 “Gratiano sucks!” (see below)
2 Ville Kaijasaari 3 10 1.5 Nana + Nangila Ani/Pot combat (see below)
2 Teemu Sainomaa 2 10.5 Dmitra (decklist coming soon)
6 Tuomas Vuokko 2 8
7 Arto Heinonen 2 8
8 Marko Lindroos 1 6.5
9 Jarkko Suvela 1 6.5 “To be humiliated and pissed upon”
10 Heikki Palomäki 1 6
11 Matias Frosterus 1 5.5
12 Kari Mäkinen 1 5.5 “Lily Serenade”
13 Jari Vulli 1 5
14 Raymond Mäkeläinen 1 5 “Settite Duat Production”
15 Jesper Wøldiche 1 5 “Gents with sticks”
16 Janne Kilpi 1 5
17 Anssi Rekola 1 5
18 Aleksi Kivilahti 1 5
19 Elias Maliniemi 1 4.5 “Juusto haisee”
19 Ville Kilpi 1 4.5
21 Jyri Puhakka 1 4 “Please, fix group 6!”
22 Ville Ruuskanen 1 4 “Hostel”
23 Mikko Berkovits 1 4
23 Aleksi Nuora 1 4
25 Mikko Hyvärinen 1 4 “Chantry of 5 Boroughs”
26 Marko Saari 1 3.5 “Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!”
27 Lauri Salmi 1 3.5 “Girls will find AIDS”
28 Johan Wahlström 1 3
29 Kari Vieno 1 3
30 Mikko Moisander 1 3 “Wall o' Zombie”
31 Petrus Makkonen 1 3 “The Groaning Carnival”
31 Otto Kukkasniemi 1 3
33 Seppo Lipponen 1 3
34 Are Vaskela 1 2
35 Ari-Pekka Alestalo 0 4
35 Joonas Vaittinen 0 4
37 Sauli Samila 0 3.5
37 Tom Lindberg 0 3.5
39 Teemu Pulkkinen 0 3 Malkavian S+B
40 Jari Mäkikyrö 0 2.5
40 Kimmo Pekkola 0 2.5
42 Juhani Puska 0 2 “Pettämätön 1 VP:n pakka joka petti”
43 Joni Huumonen 0 2
43 Michael Holmström 0 2 “Ailien”
45 Jussi Hattara 0 2 “Love you to death” (Theo+Beast anarch)
45 Janne Lönnqvist 0 2
45 Johannes Leppä 0 2
45 Jussi Ranta 0 2
49 Mikko Raimi 0 2
50 Matias Hurme 0 1.5 “Die fast, Die young!”
50 Joonas Oja 0 1.5
52 Taija Sainomaa 0 1.5
53 Pauli Kiova 0 1.5 “Anarchs rule VTES!”
53 Tommi Hakomaa 0 1.5 “Settite Deathstar”
53 Tuukka Kallas 0 1.5
53 Rami Hänninen 0 1.5
57 Tuomas Nyberg 0 1.5
57 Ari Lensu 0 1.5 “Terminus (BB-house)”
59 Henri Ketonen 0 1 “Chainfist”
60 Markku Lumijärvi 0 1 AUS DOM THA
60 Akseli Jalava 0 1
60 Mika Uusi-Kilponen 0 1
63 Timo Rekola 0 1
63 Niina Stenberg 0 1
63 Antti Martikainen 0 1
66 Antti Horelli 0 1
66 Randal Rudstam 0 1 “rautakanki”
68 Pekko Kurttio 0 1 Joaquin Murietta Zip Gun Anarchs
69 Juri Juskevits 0 0.5
69 Juha Nyholm 0 0.5
71 Matti Palomäki 0 0.5 “Lilja”
71 Peter Kaario 0 0.5
71 Isak Bjärmark Esbjörnsson 0 0.5 “Rautakanki”
74 Lasse Pöyry 0 0.5
75 Ari Särkkä 0 0
76 Kenneth Peltokangas 0 0
76 Pasi Karjalainen 0 0
78 Juha Ivanoff 0 0
78 V-H Kilpiä 0 0 Julius Eye of Hazimel
78 Samuel Mäenpää 0 0
78 Juho Saari 0 0
78 Antero Hakala 0 0
83 Kirmo Lassheikki 0 0
83 Niko Heinonen 0 0
83 Mika Nurmikolu 0 0
83 Mikko Laine 0 0 Harrod Flurry+Torrent+politics
83 Karri Rintamaa 0 0
83 Hannu Kokkonen 0 0
89 Juho Vuorikoski 0 0
DQ Tommi Ketonen 0 0

The DQ is from leaving the tournament after two rounds (yes, he asked permission :). And yes, all the Swedes named their decks “rautakanki”, which is Finnish for crowbar. Why? You'll need to ask them ;).


Tournament Winner (Otso Saariluoma)

Deck Name: Victoria's Secret
Author: Otso Saariluoma
Description: Weenie auspex with some anarch/madness network tech. This
deck owes to Pascal Bertrand for perfecting the deck concept.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=5 avg=2.67)
 1x  Aleph            4  dom AUS      Malkavian:1
 3x  Anarch Convert   1  -none-       Caitiff:ANY
 1x  Brazil           2  aus          Malkavian:1
 1x  Dollface         3  aus obf      Malkavian:1
 1x  Franciscus       1  aus          Caitiff:2
 1x  Isabel de Leon   3  AUS          Toreador:2
 2x  Victoria         5  cel obf AUS  Malkavian:2
 2x  Zöe              3  cel obf AUS  Malkavian:2

Library (79 cards)
Master (15)
 2x Anarch Revolt
 2x Direct Intervention
 2x Madness Network
 1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
 1x Powerbase: Montreal
 1x Rack, The
 2x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
 3x Vessel
 1x Wider View

Event (1)
 1x Uncoiling, The

Action (3)
 1x Aranthebes, The Immortal
 2x Constant Revolution

Equipment (6)
 3x .44 Magnum
 1x Bowl of Convergence
 1x Ivory Bow
 1x Sniper Rifle

Ally (3)
 1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
 1x Muddled Vampire Hunter
 1x Ossian

Retainer (1)
 1x Mr. Winthrop

Reaction (42)
 2x Delaying Tactics
 7x Eagle's Sight
 4x Enhanced Senses
 8x Eyes of Argus
 4x Forced Awakening
 4x My Enemy's Enemy
 4x On the Qui Vive
 2x Precognition
 7x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (8)
 2x Aura Reading
 3x Disguised Weapon
 3x Target Vitals

Other Finalists

Adam Esbjörnsson

Deck Name : rautakanki
Author : Adam Esbjörnsson

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 7 average: 5.5
2x Carna, The Princes     7  AUS DOM THA          primogen Tremere:3
1x Bryan Van Duesen       7  DOM THA aus pre               !Tremere:2
1x Marlene, The Infer     6  AUS DOM dem for tha           !Ventrue:2
1x Pieter                 6  OBF PRO for tha               !Gangrel:2
1x Reverend Blackwood     6  DOM THA obf          bishop   !Tremere:2
1x Selena                 6  AUS DOM THA                   !Tremere:3
1x Valois Sang, The W     6  AUS DOM nec tha               Tremere:3
1x Kurt Strauss           5  DOM aus tha                   !Tremere:2
1x Thelonius              4  aus dom tha                   !Tremere:2
1x Brooke                 3  dom tha                       !Tremere:2
1x Ehrich Weiss           3  dom tha                       Tremere:3

Library [75 cards]

Action [17]
  14x Govern the Unaligned
  3x Magic of the Smith

Action Modifier [25]
  7x Bonding
  6x Conditioning
  8x Mirror Walk
  4x Seduction

Ally [2]
  1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
  1x Ponticulus

Equipment [3]
  1x Bowl of Convergence
  1x Heart of Nizchetus
  1x Sniper Rifle

Master [9]
  2x Anarch Troublemaker
  2x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Giant's Blood
  2x Misdirection
  1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1x Spirit Summoning Chamber

Reaction [19]
  2x Deflection
  6x Eyes of Argus
  3x My Enemy's Enemy
  3x On the Qui Vive
  5x Telepathic Misdirection

Toni Karjalainen

Deck Name : Gratiano sucks!
Author : Toni Karjalainen
Description :
Typical old-school Lasombra presence vote deck.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 10 average: 7.41667
3x Ambrosio Luis Monc     10 DOM OBT POT PRE aus for  cardinal   Lasombra:2
3x Francisco Domingo      9  DOM OBT POT PRE pro      archbishop Lasombra:2
2x Gratiano               8  DOM OBT obf pot          priscus    Lasombra:2
1x Sela               Adv 7  POT PRE cel obt          archbishop !Brujah:2
1x Dr. Julius Sutphen     5  POT dom obt              bishop     Lasombra:3
1x Cameron                3  dom pot                             Lasombra:2
1x Royce                  1  dom                                 Pander:2

Library [80 cards]
Action [9]
  2x Entrancement
  7x Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier [31]
  1x Awe
  3x Bewitching Oration
  2x Iron Glare
  2x Perfect Paragon
  3x Seduction
  4x Shadow Play
  4x Shroud of Absence
  4x Shroud of Night
  3x Tenebrous Form
  5x Voter Captivation

Action Modifier/Reaction [2]
  2x Murmur of the False Will

Combat [4]
  2x Oubliette
  2x Shadow Body

Equipment [1]
  1x Zaire River Ferry

Master [12]
  1x Direct Intervention
  2x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Elysian Fields
  1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1x Power Structure
  1x Secure Haven
  5x Villein

Political Action [12]
  1x Anarchist Uprising
  1x Ancilla Empowerment
  2x Banishment
  7x Kine Resources Contested
  1x Reins of Power

Reaction [9]
  6x Deflection
  3x On the Qui Vive

Ville Kaijasaari

Deck Name : Ville's Ropecon 2011 deck
Author : Ville Kaijasaari
Description :
Ani+Pot smackdown

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 11 average: 7.16667
4x Nana Buruku            8  ANI POT PRE                     Guruhi:4
3x Nangila Were           9  ANI POT PRE obf ser             Guruhi:4
2x Fish                   5  ANI POT pre                     Guruhi:4
1x Eze, The Demon Pri     11 ANI NEC POT PRE THA aus  magaji Guruhi:3
1x Fode Kourouma          5  POT ani aus pre                 Guruhi:4
1x Anarch Convert         1                                 Caitiff:0

Library [75 cards]
Action [13]
  6x Deep Song
  1x Entrancement
  2x Founders of the Ebony Kingdom
  2x Public Trust
  2x Well-Marked

Combat [29]
  1x Burning Wrath
  1x Canine Horde
  5x Carrion Crows
  1x Glancing Blow
  5x Immortal Grapple
  1x Mighty Grapple
  1x Pushing the Limit
  1x Stunt Cycle
  5x Taste of Vitae
  2x Thrown Sewer Lid
  5x Torn Signpost
  1x Undead Strength

Master [25]
  1x Archon Investigation
  9x Ashur Tablets
  1x Fame
  1x Giant's Blood
  2x Guardian Angel
  2x Lilith's Blessing
  1x Mbare Market, Harare
  1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1x Powerbase: Luanda
  6x Villein

Reaction [7]
  1x Cats' Guidance
  1x Delaying Tactics
  2x On the Qui Vive
  3x Sense the Savage Way

Retainer [1]
  1x Shaman

Teemu Sainomaa

(coming soon)

Final Round Transcript

This is based on my personal notes, scribbled down during the game. Some detail is missing and there may be mistakes here and there.

Play started at 1:24 am and ended in a timeout 2 hours later.

The players were (in seating order):

  • Teemu Sainomaa
  • Otso Saariluoma
  • Toni Karjalainen
  • Ville Kaijasaari
  • Adam Esbjörnsson

Round 1

Teemu: (just transfer)


  • Powerbase: Montreal
  • bring out Brazil and Franciscus

Toni: bring out Royce


  • Ashur Tablets
  • bring out Anarch Convert

Adam: (just transfers)

Round 2

Teemu: (just transfers)


  • Smiling Jack
  • Brazil tries to bleed, is blocked
  • Franciscus bleeds for 1
  • bring out Victoria


  • Royce hunts, blocked by Victoria, Royce to torpor


  • Ashur Tablets
  • bring out Fish


  • Pentex on Fish
  • bring out Carna

Round 3


  • bring out Gerald Windham


  • Vessel on Victoria
  • Franciscus bleeds for 1
  • Brazil hunts
  • Victoria bleeds for 1
  • bring out Zoe


Some pictures from the tournament, by Marko Saari.

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