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Ropecon 2011 Finnish ECQ, July 29


Tournament: Finnish 2011 ECQ
Date: Friday July 29th, 2011
Place: Ropecon 2011 gaming convention, Dipoli, Espoo, Finland
Players: 90
Format: Constructed, 3R+F
Winner: Otso Saariluoma (see below for deck list)

Another Ropecon, another big annual VTES tournament and Finnish ECQ (for the European Championships in Warsaw, Nov 11-13).

At least so far, the cancellation of the game doesn't seem to have had any effect on player attendance; in fact, with 90 players we had the third highest attendance ever. Not bad for a “dead” game :). In addition, everything went really smoothly, I actually managed to get the first round started almost at 18:00 which is a new record. Thanks for this goes to the players; everyone registered on time, lots of people helped out with organizing the tables, and in general it was just a very fun tournament to run. Thanks, everyone.

Most of the players were Finnish of course, but we had a nice Scandinavian (Sweden & Denmark) team also present. Most of my own time and energy went into running things and answering rules questions, or course, but my impressions based on watching random tables for random amounts of time was that the quality was pretty high. Lots of nice, well-tuned decks and good play, and also a ton of different deck types – no one type seemed to dominate (pun alert) the game. What I heard from some players seems to confirm this, I was told that the game was tighter and more focused in general this year. There were precious few easy wins to be had, this time. I got the impression that there were fewer vote decks out there than usual, at least I didn't see all that many.

The final round this year was interesting but drawn out, it actually ended in a tie. There is a transcript of the final round at the end of this article, for those interested in the nitty-gritty. The finalist decks were a varied bunch: an Auxpex weenie deck, an ani/pot combat deck, a Lasombra vote deck, a Dmitra-powered vote deck, and a Tre/!Tre dom bleed deck. After a long struggle the game ended in a timeout, with Otso's Auspex weenies and Ville's Ani/Pot hurt machine still left on the table. Otso took the tournament win due to a higher initial seed. This was especially impressive considering he also won last year's 93-player tournament(!).

Ville was awarded an extra “most brutal combat deck” award (judge's discretion), in the form of a Theo Bell action figure (with torn signpost!). Very fitting. All attendees also got a huge pile of promos, thanks to Finnish NC Janne Lönnqvist.

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