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 ====== Ropecon 2009 Finnish ECQ, July 31 ====== ====== Ropecon 2009 Finnish ECQ, July 31 ======
-//Note: I'm writing this late at night just before I leave for vacation and it probably contains all sorts of mistakes here and there. I'll fix them when I get back.// 
 ===== Report ===== ===== Report =====
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 Antero: Antero:
   * play Powerbase:​Montreal   * play Powerbase:​Montreal
-  * Lana hunts, Ponticulus blocks, Lana goes to torpor+  * Lana hunts, Ponticulus ​taps to give Michael'​s Pieter van Dorn intercept, Pieter ​blocks, Lana goes to torpor
   * Jeff hunts   * Jeff hunts
   * Jephta gets Abbot   * Jephta gets Abbot
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