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 +==== Heirs to the Blood post-release,​ Saturday Feb 6th, 12:00 ====
 +Got 19 players, win went to Tuomas Vuokko (!Salubri), other 4 "​finalists"​ were playing Kiasyd/​Lasombra :)
 +The Helsinki "​post-release"​ tournament for the new [[http://​www.white-wolf.com/​vtes/​index.php?​line=Checklist_HeirsToTheBlood|Heirs to the Blood]] set will be held in Otaniemi on Saturday, February 6th starting at **12:​00**. ​
 +The place is the 3A "peli & sitsitila",​ Jämeräntaival 3A. I'll be there well before 12:00 to open up the doors and set up, I'll try to keep an eye on the outside doors -- if they are closed and/or you can't find the place, phone me at 044-5754100.
 +The entry fee is **20e**, that gets you:
 +  * 1x Starter (random)
 +  * 2x Heirs to the Blood Booster
 +  * 1x Keeper of Tradition Booster
 +  * 1x 3rd Edition Booster
 +We will first give out the random starters + boosters, after that everyone drafts a legal VTES tournament deck from those. After that we play; 3 x 2-hour rounds, no final. Winner determined by total GW+VP pool.
 +Please arrive on time, preferably a bit before 12:00, so we can start dealing out the starters at 12:00.
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