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-Tournament report still TBDwill get around to this probably after Ropecon.+**Name:** Fee Stake Helsinki II\\  
 +**Location:​** Fantasiapelit Helsinki\\  
 +**Date:** July 3rd2011\\  
 +**# of players:** 22\\  
 +**Winner:** Kari Mäkinen\\
-Winner was Kari Mäkinen, ​with this deck:+{{:​tournament:​img_20110703_185149.jpg}} 
 +A normal local constructed tournament in the Fantasiapelit store gaming area, we got a pretty nice turnout with 22 players. After three rounds of the normal shenanigans,​ the following people made their way to the finals (with the following seating order): 
 +  - Marko Saari (2GW, 6VP), Semedi allies 
 +  - Kari Mäkinen ​(1GW5VP), Dementation stealthbleed 
 +  - Kirmo Lassheikki (2GW, 6VP), Baali bleed/​vote 
 +  - Matti Palomäki (1GW, 5VP), Anarch dominate/​thaumaturgy 
 +  - Jarkko Suvela (1GW, 6VP), Gangrel royalty toolbox 
 +The final round was a fast and straightforward affair. The table didn't really have anything that was up to stopping Kari's fast bleedmachine in time, so everyone pretty much concentrated on going forward. I'm not sure if the result would have been different it everyone had allied to take Kari out as once -- his deck was just so fast that the others didn't really have time to tool up. I personally liked Marko'​s Semedi ally affair, but it was too slow to make a dent in Kari. 
 +Kirmo was ousted by Kari after 19 minutes of play, Matti fell at the 27 minute mark, then Jarkko managed to drop Marko in the only non-Dementation oust of the game at the 31 minute mark, and finally Jarkko himself fell to the horde at 33 minutes. I don't think I've ever seen a final round go this fast. Maybe it wasn't a very interesting final round, but at least it was fast and effective. 
 +Kari's winning ​deck is as follows:
 <​file>​ <​file>​
 Deck Name: Demented Kindred Deck Name: Demented Kindred
 Created by: Kari Mäkinen Created by: Kari Mäkinen
-Description:​ A fairly straightforward weenie stealth bleed deck, easy and quick to play, you don't do anything on anyone ​elses turn and on your turn just go full forward. Pool gain is completely from kindred spirits and ousts, and is generally enough unless you have very aggressive predator. + 
- +Description:​ A fairly straightforward weenie stealth bleed deck,  
 +easy and quick to play, you don't do anything on anyone ​else'​s ​turn  
 +and on your turn just go full forward. Pool gain is completely from  
 +kindred spirits and ousts, and is generally enough unless you have  
 +very aggressive predator. 
 Crypt: Crypt:
 1x Eddie Gaines 1x Eddie Gaines
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 1x Artemis 1x Artemis
 1x Dolphin Black 1x Dolphin Black
 Library: 80 Library: 80
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 3x Information Highway 3x Information Highway
 1x Institution Hunting Ground 1x Institution Hunting Ground
 Action: 24 Action: 24
 20x Kindred Spirits 20x Kindred Spirits
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