Fee Stake Helsinki I (Sat 26.2.2011)

We got a total of 19 players. Finalists were:

  • Heikki Palomäki (2GW,9VP) - Dominate stealthbleed
  • Aleksi Nuora (2GW,9VP) - Enkindu kills everyone alias “Toreador Power Bleed”
  • Anatoly Chukhvichev (2GW,7VP) - Presence stealthbleed
  • Tuomas Vuokko (1GW,5.5VP) - bigcap !Tremere and Salubri
  • Petri Wessman (1GW,3.5VP) - aux/obf Black Hand Thuggees

The final round seating was Heikki → Petri → Anatoly → Aleksi → Tuomas. After a slow start, Aleksi's Enkindu horror began to chew up the table, which could not mount a coordinated attack against it. Aleksi got a game win (and 4 VPs) and Heikki managed to oust Petri before getting pounded to bits.

So the tournament win goes to Aleksi. Nice to see a pure combat deck win, here.

This was the first VTES tournament played in the new Fantasiapelit game room. A bit small (“compact” to be charitable), but worked well enough. We had two new tournament players, Anatoly Chukhvichev (visiting from St. Petersburg!) and Sami Ruuskanen.

Deck Name : Toreador Power Bleed

Author : Aleksi Nuora

Description : Use Enkidu for block denial and defense, monster bleed with Andre, other weenies and the Codex once the coast is clear. The combat module is based on the theory that if you have enough Psyche! and Pursuit you can just dump combat cards until you run into an Earth Meld and another rush card. Casual observations:

  • the longest game I played in the tournament lasted for about 1h 15min
  • I still managed to deplete my library in every single game
Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 11 average: 6.25

5x Enkidu, The Noah     11 ANI CEL OBF POT PRO for   !Gangrel:4
2x Andre LeRoux         3  aus                       Toreador:5
1x Fairuza              4  CEL pre                   !Brujah:5
1x Idrissa              4  CEL aus                   Osebo:4
1x T.J.                 3  cel for                   Gangrel:4
1x Clifton Derrik       2  cel                       Brujah:4
1x Anarch Convert       1                           Caitiff:0

Library [90 cards]

Action [11]
  1x Abbot
  1x Ambush
  1x Big Game
  1x Bum's Rush
  1x Deep Song
  1x Harass
  1x Heroic Might
  1x Rumble
  2x Sense Death
  1x Taunt the Caged Beast

Action Modifier [1]
  1x Forced March

Combat [71]
  1x Armor of Vitality
  3x Claws of the Dead
  2x Disarm
  10x Earth Meld
  19x Psyche!
  2x Pulled Fangs
  15x Pursuit
  4x Sideslip
  2x Skin of Night
  1x Street Cred
  12x Taste of Vitae

Equipment [1]
  1x Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers

Master [5]
  1x Monster
  1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1x Villein
  1x Wash
  1x Wider View

Retainer [1]
  1x Raven Spy

original announcement:

Constructed tournament in the new Fantasiapelit Helsinki gaming room (Vilhonkatu 4 B, Kaisaniemi Metro station). Starts at 10:00 (please be there on time).

3 x 2-hour rounds plus final round. No lunch break (sorry, no time for that), so go grab lunch when you get ousted.

5 euro tournament fee, some prize support. If we get 10+ players, the winner will also get EC qualification for 2011.

Preregistration is a good idea but not mandatory. The gaming space is quite small (normally seats around 20 players), so if we run out of room the preregistered players are first in line. You can preregister either by emailing me (orava ät iki.fi) or by adding your name to the list below (needs signup to this wiki).


  1. Petri Wessman
  2. Janne Lönnqvist
  3. Aleksi Nuora
  4. Marko Lindroos
  5. Juha Nyholm
  6. Tom Lindberg
  7. Matias Frosterus
  8. Samuel Mäenpää
  9. Marko Saari
  10. Sami Ruuskanen
  11. V-H Kilpiä
  12. Tuomas Vuokko
  13. Anatoly
  14. Heikki Palomäki
  15. Kirmo Lassheikki
  16. Matti Palomäki
  17. Kenneth Peltokangas
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