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 Blood Tempering, The Blood Tempering, The
 Cavalier Cavalier
-Code of Samiel 
 Decompose (2x) Decompose (2x)
-Draeven Softfoot (Changeling) 
 Ensconced (2x) Ensconced (2x)
 Fanfare for Elysium (2x) Fanfare for Elysium (2x)
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 <​file>​ <​file>​
 Black Hand Emissary (2x) Black Hand Emissary (2x)
 Follow the Blood Follow the Blood
 Mantle of Bestial Majesty Mantle of Bestial Majesty
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 Secret Library of Alexandria Secret Library of Alexandria
 Sengir Dagger (2x) Sengir Dagger (2x)
-Talbot'​s Chainsaw 
 Tasha Morgan Tasha Morgan
 Telepathic Vote Counting (3x) Telepathic Vote Counting (3x)
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