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VTES cards available for trade

List of VTES cards I have for trade. Other cards may also be available, depending on the trade – feel free to ask. See oravawants for a list of the cards I'm looking for.

* = reserved for someone

- Orava

Library Cards (rares)

Heirs to the Blood

Black Beast, The
Blessed Resilience
Blood Tempering, The
Code of Samiel
Decompose (2x)
Draeven Softfoot (Changeling)
Ensconced (2x)
Fanfare for Elysium (2x)
Great Symposium
Hunger Moon
Knotted Cord
Member of the Entourage (2x)
Olid Loa
Path of Harmony, The
Potio Martyrium
Research (2x)
Scarlet Lore
Shadowed Eyes
Thicker than Blood
Threading the Path of Orpheus
Unleash Hell's Fury
Veneficti (Mage)
Warsaw Station

Ebony Kingdom

Blood Shield
Edge of the World
Gregory Winter
Guinea-Bissau Carnival
Powerbase: Luanda
Rowan Ring

Keepers of Tradition

Aaron's Feeding Razor
Al's Army Apparatus
Arcane Library (4x)
Blade of Enoch
Childling Muse
Heart of Nizchetus
Malkavian Justicar
Mark V
Momentum's Edge
New Management (2x)
Nosferatu Bestial
Seal of Veddartha (2x)
Toreador Justicar (2x)
Veneficorum Artum Sanguis
Wendell Delburton (Hunter)

Twilight Rebellion

Blade Clot (2x)
Club Illusion (2x)
Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
Grey Thorne (3x)
Open War (2x)
Poacher's Hunting Ground (3x)
Smear Campaign (4x)
Stealing Years

Lords of the Night

Black Throne, The (3x)
Bloodlust (2x)
Community Justice (4x)
Dominate Kine
Dragonbound (2x)
Eyes of Blades
Giant's Blood
Grey Thorne (2x)
Lesser Boon
Omael Kuman (2x)
Poison the Well of Life
Trophy: Library (2x)
Trophy: No Questions (2x)
Trophy: Revered

Sword of Caine

Black Hand Emissary (2x)
Follow the Blood
Mantle of Bestial Majesty
Praetorian Backer (2x)
Trophy: Chosen
Watchtower: the Wolves Feed (2x)

3rd Edition

Ablative Skin
Blade of Enoch (3x)
Club Zombie
Crusade: Philadelphia
Crusade: Pittsburgh
Dominate Kine
Golconda: Inner Peace: 
Gurchon Hall (2x)
Heart of Nizchetus
Infernal Pact
Local 111
Martinelli's Ring
NRA PAC (2x)
Powerbase: Barranquila
Purity of the Beast
Robert Carter
Sengir Dagger
Talaq, the Immortal
Tension in the Ranks

Nights of Reckoning

Blood Cult Awareness Network

Legacies of Blood

Excellent Thirst
Ghost-Eater (2x)
Giant's Blood

Kindred Most Wanted

Crocodile Temple
From a Sinking Ship
Lifeless Tongues (2x)
Rebirth (2x)
Trophy: Safe Passage
Victim of Habit


Blood Weakens (2x)
Crusade: Amsterdam
Crusade: Paris
Elysium: Sforzesco Castle
Momentum's Edge
Restricted Vitae
Robert Carter
Seal of Veddartha

Black Hand

Admonitions, the
Crusade: Rome
Information Network
Resilient Mind
Shape Mastery
Sibyl's Tongue
Social Ladder
Vox Domini
Weirding Stone, The
WMRH Talk Radio


Anarch Troublemaker
Banshee Ironwail
Bleeding the Vine
Chiram's Hold
Cold Amber's Hold
Coven, The
Drum of Xipe Totec
Elder Michaelis' Hold
Fee Stake: Boston
Fee Stake: New York (2x)
Gambit Accepted
Gift of Experience
Sword of Nuln

Camarilla Edition

Aaron's Feeding Razor
Al's Army Apparatus
Art Museum
Blood Puppy (2x)
Brujah Justicar
Dominate Kine
Fragment of the Book of Nod
Ghoul Retainer
J.S. Simmons, Esq. (2x)
Malkavian Justicar
Mr. Winthrop
Nosferatu Justicar
Patagia: Flaps Allowing Flight (2x)
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta (2x)
Praxis Seizure: Chicago
Praxis Seizure: Houston
Praxis Seizure: Miami (2x)
Praxis Seizure: Washington, D.C.
Psychic Projection
Secret Library of Alexandria
Sengir Dagger (2x)
Talbot's Chainsaw
Tasha Morgan
Telepathic Vote Counting (3x)
Tension in the Ranks (2x)
Toreador Justicar
Ventrue Justicar
XTC-Laced Blood
Zoning Board (3x)


Ashes to Ashes (2x)
Blessing of the Name (3x)
Chanjelin Ward
Defender of the Haven (2x)
Frozen Object
Hag's Wrinkles (2x)
Mark V
Stone Dog
Toy Chest Test

Final Nights

Akhenaten, The Sun Pharaoh (Mummy)
Club Zombie
Creepshow Casino
Daring the Dawn
Ecstatic Agony
Far Mastery
Fata Amria (x2)
Grand Temple of Set
Kali's Fang
Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
Left For Dead
Malleable Visage
National Guard Support
Path of Bone
Path of Paradox
Provision of the Silsila (x2)
Ravnos Cache
Realm of the Black Sun, The
Smoke Grenade
Sniper Rifle (2x)
Tomb of Rameses III
Treasured Samadji
Veneficorum Artum Sanguis
Week of Nightmares

Sabbat War

Ablative Skin
Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission (3x)
Crusade: Houston
Crusade: New York
Crusade: Philadelphia
Crusade: Pittsburgh (3x)
Enchanted Marionette
Gang Tactics
Ghouled Street Thug (2x)
Haven Affinity
High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Legacy of Caine (3x)
Lightning Reflexes
Nosferatu Kingdom
Patterns in the Chaos
Powerbase: Montreal
Reform Body
Using the Advantage


Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission
Code of Milan Suspended (2x)
Crusade: Houston (3x)
Crusade: Mexico City
Crusade: Philadelphia
Ghouled Street Thug
Political Struggle

Ancient Hearts

Ambrosius, The Ferryman (Wraith) (2x)
Form of Corruption
Kali's Fang
Secret Library of Alexandria


Blood Puppy
Curse of Nitocris
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta
Praxis Seizure: Cleveland
Psychic Veil
Renegade Garou
Rumors of Gehenna
Temptation of Greater Power


Blood Puppy (2x)
Business Pressure (2x)
Cat Burglary (3x)
Charnas the Imp
Far Mastery (2x)
Ghoul Escort (2x)
Hell Hound (2x)
Jackie Therman (2x)
Kindred Intelligence (2x)
Malkavian Prank
Mr. Winthrop (2x)
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta
Praxis Seizure: Miami
Psychic Projection (3x)
Psyschic Projection (typo misprint)
Resplendent Protector (2x)
Rumors of Gehenna
Slashers, The (2x)
Spawning Pool
Tasha Morgan (2x)
Thadius Zho (Mage)
Toreador Justicar

Library Cards (promos)

(multiples available)

Anthelios, the Red Star
Argent Baton
Botched Move
Call the Wild Hunts
Cloak of the Abalone
Erciyes Fragments, The
Fourth Cycle, The
Gran Madre di Dio, Italy
Guide and Mentor
House of Sorrow
Infamous Insurgent
Kaymakli Fragment
Lay Low
Lilith's Blessing
Marrakech Codex
Path of the Void
Port Authority
Prophecies of Gehenna
Reliquary: Shango Remains
Salt of Thoth
Sound of a Breaking Oath
Subdued by the Blood
Treaty of Laibach
Two Wrongs
Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper
Waxen Poetica


The righthand column shows the total number and set(s) available.


Allison Maller                  1: CE
Angel                           4: 2 x J, 2 x V
Anvil                           4: 2 x J, 2 x V
Apollonius                      4: 2 x J, 2 x V
Arnold Simpson                  1: CE
Bianca                          4: 2 x J, 2 x V
Black Cat                       2: J, V
Brachah                         4: 4 x AH
Clifton Derrik                  2: TR
Count Germaine                  3: G, 2 x KMW
Count Germaine (adv)            3: 3 x KMW
Don Cruez, the Idealist         1: V
Dre, Leader of the Cold Dawn    4: 3 x J, V
Gengis                          4: 2 x CE, A, KMW
Gracetius                       1: KT
Hector Sosa                     1: J
Hezekiah Rutledge               1: G
Honest Abe                      2: KT
Jack Drake                      1: TR
Jaroslav Pascek                 1: CE
Jeremy MacNeil                  5: 2 x A, 3 x CE
Jeremy MacNeil (adv)            1: A
Joshua Tarnopolski              1: CE
Juggler                         1: A
Lupo                            1: V
Lynn Thompson                   1: KT
Marguerite Foccart              3: TR
Marlena                         1: CE
Maxwell                         1: CE
Mazz                            1: CE
Menele                          1: CE
Miranda Sanova                  4: 3 x J, V
Pug Jackson                     3: A, 2 x CE
Rake                            4: 2 x V, 2 x J
Raziya Samater                  1: AH
Sir Raplh Hamilton              1: CE
Steve Booth                     5: 4 x CE, KMW
Tayshawn Kearns                 1: CE
Tura Vaughn                     2: 2 x V
Tyler                           1: CE
Uma Hatch                       3: 2 x J, V
Vasilis, the Traitor of Don...  1: AH
Yuri, the Talon                 2: J, V


Adelaide Davis                  1: CE
Aleph                           2: J, V
Ankou, The                      2: KT
Antoine, the Lost               1: TR
Bela                            1: KT
Bloody Mary                     1: KT
Brazil                          2: J, V
Damaskenos, Herald of Leandro   1: AH
Dancin' Dana                    2: 2 x J
David Morgan, the Scourge       1: A
Didi Meyers                     5: 4 x J, V
Dollface                        1: V
Dr. Douglas Netchurch           1: CE
Dr. Jest                        4: 3 x J, V
Esau                            1: CE
Evan Klein                      1: CE
Gilbert Duane                   2: J, V
Hannibal (adv)                  1: promo
J. Ozwald "Ozzy" Hyde-White     1: CE
Jason, the World's Voice        1: CE
Lord Fianna                     1: KT
Lucian                          1: J
Mariel, Lady Thunder            1: J
Milo, the Invisible Horror      1: CE
Normal                          1: V
Ozmo                            5: 4 x J, V
Petaniqua                       3: 3 x KMW
Rachel Brandywine               1: CE
Reiner Stoschka                 1: KT
Roland Bishop                   3: 2 x J, V
Roxanne, Rectrix of the 13th F  3: 2 x J, V
Ruth McGinley                   2: CE, A
Sean Rycek                      2: TR
Tony                            1: CE
Watenda                         2: 2 x AH
Zebulon                         1: V


Agrippina                       2: J, V
Alonzo Guillen                  1: CE
Amelia, the Blood Red Tears     1: CE
Benjamin Rose                   1: KT
Casino Reeds                    1: CE
Chester DuBois                  1: V
Clarissa Steinburgen            1: A
Darva Felispa                   1: A
Dimple                          1: V
Duck                            1: V
Ebanezer Roush                  6: 3 x J, 3 x V
Ellison Humboldt                1: CE
Federico di Padua               2: 2 x KT
Foureyes                        1: KT
Gemini                          1: CE
Gendel the Worm-Eaten           1: V
Gerard Rafin                    1: CE
Harold Tanner                   2: KT
Jara Drory                      1: CE
Judah                           1: AH
Khalid                          2: 2 x CE
KoKo                            5: 4 x J, V
Krid                            1: CE
Kurt Densch                     3: 2 x CE, A
Lucretia, Cess Queen            2: 2 x J
Marty Lechtansi                 1: V
Petra                           2: G, HB
Ruxandra                        1: KT
Sammy                           2: J, V
Sebastian Marley                1: V
Selma the Repugnant             1: V
Selma, the Repugnant            1: J
Shalid                          2: G, HB
Slag                            2: KT, HB
Tammy Walenski                  1: CE
Tiberius, the Scandalmonger     1: V
Toby                            2: TR
Topaz                           1: 2 x TR, HB
Tusk, the Talebearer            2: J, V
Tusk, the Talebearer (adv)      1: A
Wolfgang                        3: 3 x KMW


Adrianne                        2: J, V
Allanyan Serata                 2: KT
Andreas, the Bard of Crete      1: V
Barth                           2: 2 x CE
Christopher Houghton            1: A
Colin Flynn                     3: 2 x J, V
Demetrious Slater               4: 3 x J, V
Dieter Kleist                   3: 2 x J, V
Dorian Strack                   2: J, V
Edith Blount                    1: CE
Elliot Sinclair, Virtuso Thes.  1: V
Emerson Wilkershire III         1: CE
Enid Blount                     1: CE
Felicia Mostrom                 2: J, V
Helena                          1: CE
Ira Rivers                      3: 2 x CE, A
Kallista, Master Sculptor       2: J, V
Laecanus                        2: TR
Lin Jun                         2: TR
Lucina                          1: CE
Madame Guil                     1: KMW
Makarios, the Seducer           1: AH
Marcellus                       4: AH
Masika                          1: V
Michael Luther                  1: KMW
Philippe de Marsailles          1: KT
Radeyah                         2: 2 x AH
Radeyah                         2: AH
Ramiel DuPre                    2: J, V
Sheva Carr                      1: KT
Sigrid Bekker                   1: DS
Sir Henry Johnson               1: CE
Suzanne Kadim                   1: A
Tatiana Romanova                2: J, V
Vasily                          2: KT
Yvette, the Hopeless            1: CE


Almiro Suarez                   1: CE
Anastaszdi Zagreb               2: CE, KMW
Andrew Stuart                   1: KT
Ardan Lane                      2: A
Astrid Thomas                   2: 2 x J
Blythe Candeleria               1: DS
Carna, the Princess Witch       1: CE
Cassandra, Magus Prime          2: J
Claudio Severino                7: promo
Claus Wegener                   2: KT, HB
Cohn Rose                       5: 4 x CE, KMW
Dr. John Casey                  2: J, V
Dr. John Dee                    1: KT
Ehrich Weiss                    1: CE
Elisabetta Romano               2: AH
Eugenio Estevez                 1: A
Frank Weisshadel                2: KT, HB
Hector Trelane                  2: G, HB
Ignatius                        3: J, 2 x V
Jing Wei                        2: J, V
Justine, Elder of Dallas        1: V
Kyoko Shinsegawa                1: CE
Lazarus                         3: 2 x J, V
Lille Haake                     1: CE
Lord Ephraim Wainwright         1: KT
Lucas Halton                    2: CE, KMW
Lydia Van Cuelen                2: J, V
Masika St. John                 1: CE
MacAlister Marshall             1: KT
Merill Molitor                  2: J, V
Muhsin Samir                    2: KMW, HB
Mustafa Rahman                  2: AH
Pieter van Dorn                 3: CE
Roreca Quaid                    4: 3 x J, V
Sarah Cobbler                   3: 2 x J, V
Tarautas                        2: TR
Tarrence Moore                  4: 3 x KT, HB
Thomas Thorne                   1: J
Ulugh Beg, the Watcher          2: J, V
Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool     2: KMW
Valois Sang, the Watcher        1: CE
Virstania, the Great Mother     1: CE


Alan Sovereign                  1: CE
Alan Sovereign (adv             1: promo
Beth Malcolm                    1: KT
Bindusara, Historian of the K.  1: AH
Boss Callihan                   1: A
Bulscu                          1: KT
Catherine du Bois               2: CE, A
Courtland Leighton              6: 5 x J, V
Diana Wick                      2: CE
Earl                            1: A
Edward Vignes                   1: CE
Elena Gutierrez                 1: CE
Gideon Fontaine                 3: 2 x J, V
Gracis Nostinus                 1: CE
Graham Gottesman                1: KT
Heather Florent, Opportunist    3: 2 x J, V
Helena Casimir                  3: 2 x J, V
Horatio Ballard                 1: CE
Hrothulf                        4: 3 x CE, A
Ilyana Ravidovich               2: CE, KMW
Itzahk Levine                   1: AH
Jack Tredegar                   2: KT
Jan Pieterzoon (adv)            2: G
Jazz Wentworth                  2: J, V
Joseph DiGiaccomo               1: KT
Juniper                         4: TR
Katarina Kornfeld               1: CE
Lana Butcher                    1: CE
Louis Fortier                   3: TR
Luccia Paciola                  2: J, V
Lucinde Alastor                 1: CE
Marcus Vitel                    4: KMW
Melissa Barton                  1: V
Muhsin Samir                    1: G
Nakova, Advocate of Golconda    1: AH
Natasha Volfchek                1: V
Pedrag Hasek                    2: KT
Ranjan Rishi, Camarilla Schol.  1: DS
Reverend Adams (adv)            2: TR
Roland Loussarian               1: V
Rufina Soledad                  4: 2 x J, 2 x V
Sir Walter Nash                 1: J
Sonja Blue                      2: KMW
Suhailah                        1: AH
Victor Donaldson                1: KT
Victor Pelletier                3: promo
Victorine Lafourcade            1: CE
Violette Prentis                4: 3 x J, V
Wilhelm Waldburg                1: DS


Alex Wilkins                    1: KT
Andy                            1: TR
Antoinette DuChamp              2: DS, 10th
César Holfield                  2: KT
Count Zaroff                    2: KT
Donald Cargill                  1: KT
Dr. Solomon Grey                2: KT
Freddy Gage                     1: KT
Hasina Kesi                     2: J, V
Iris Bennett                    1: KT
Johan Wrede                     1: KT
Lisa Noble                      2: A
Magdalena Schaefer              2: DS
Maldavis                        1: A
Navar McClaren                  3: 2 x J, V
Nik                             2: J, V
Smudge the Ignored              5: 4 x J, V
Uriah Winter                    3: 2 x J, V
Walker Grimes                   1: KT

Brujah antitribu

Antonio Veradas                 1: CE
Axel Von Anders                 1: 3rd
Bela Kardoza                    1: 3rd
DeSalle                         2: 3rd
Dodd                            5: 4 x S, 1 x SW
Evangeline                      3: SW
Frederick the Weak              3: S
Gatjil Munyarryun               1: SoC
Hugo                            2: S
Jacko                           2: S, SW
Jacques Molay                   1: 3rd
Julian Sanders                  1: FN
Marcel de Breau                 1: G
Patrick                         1: 3rd
Richter, the Templar of Du M.   5: 4 x S, SW
Rigby, Crusade Vanguard         5: S
Salinger                        5: 4 x S, SW
Shawnda Dorrit                  2: G
Wah Chun-Yuen                   1: BH

Gangrel antitribu

Bill Butler                     1: 3rd
Blaise                          2: S
Caitlin                         1: S
Celeste Lamontagne              2: G
Darrell Boyce, Consul           2: SW
Doyle Fincher                   3: KMW
Ellen Fence, the Tracker        2: SW
Enkidu, the Noah                2: KMW
Frere Marc                      1: 3rd
Harry Reese                     1: A
Hartmut Stover                  3: G
Hukros                          2: 3rd
Jesus Alcala                    1: BH
Leo Washington                  1: 3rd
Leon                            2: S
Luke Fellows                    1: 3rd
Lula Burch                      1: 3rd
Luther                          3: 2 x S, SW
Maria Stone                     3: KMW
Max Lowell                      1: FN
Mitru the Hunter                2: KMW
Morrow the Sage                 1: 3rd
Mowgli                          1: 3rd
Mugur Sabau                     2: 3rd
Phillipe Rigaud                 3: KMW
Ryszard                         1: 3rd
Sadie                           1: SW
Samantha                        3: S, 2 x SW
Scarlet Carson O'Toole          4: A
Sebastian Goulet (adv)          1: BH
Shaggydog                       1: SoC
Skryta Zyleta                   1: BH
Xendil Charmer                  1: 3rd
Zachary                         4: 3 x S, SW


Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady   10: S
Andrew Emory                    2: 3rd, HB
Antonio Delgado                 3: 2 x S, SW
Appius Claudius Corvus          1: SoC
Aurora van Brande, Paladin      1: S
Black Wallace                   2: KMW, HB
Cameron                         1: S
Dr. Julius Sutphen              1: G
Dr. Julius Sutphen (adv)        2: 3rd
Ermenegildo, the Rake           3: 2 x 3rd, HB
Gratiano                        1: S
Ignacio, the Black Priest       4: 3 x S, SW
Leila Monroe                    1: 3rd
Lord Vauxhall                   2: 3rd, HB
Luca Italicus                   3: 2 x 3rd, HB
Marcus Vitel (adv)              3: KMW
Melinda Galbraith               1: 3rd
Onaedo                          1: LoB
Otieno                          2: LoB
Tobias Smith                    1: CE
Virginie, Prodigy               3: 2 x 3rd, HB

Malkavian antitribu

Alicia Barrows                  6: G
Aristotle de Laurent            1: BH
Claven                          5: 3 x S, 2 x SW
Dolphin Black                   2: SW
General Perfidio Dios           3: 2 x A, BH
Hannibal                        7: 3 x S, 4 x SW
Idalia, Prophet of Guadalajara  1: SW
Kite                            1: SW
Korah                           4: SW
Luc                             1: 3rd
Marge Khan                      1: SoC
Marta                           1: 3rd
Muriel Foucade                  4: S
Rodolfo                         1: BH
Uncle George                    2: CE, 3rd
Vasantasena                     1: SW
Yorik                           4: 3 x S, SW

Nosferatu antitribu

Agatha                          4: 3 x S, SW
Beast, Leatherface of Detroit   3: S
Black Annis                     1: KMW
Blister                         1: 3rd
Cailean                         1: SW
Calebos                         3: S, 2 x SW
Christanius Lionel, The Mad C.  3: FN
Cicatriz                        1: SW
Frank Litzpar                   1: 3rd
Greensleeves                    3: 3rd
Humo                            1: 3rd
Josef                           1: S
Lubomira Hradok                 1: SoC
Lukas                           1: 3rd
Nails                           2: SoC
Nigel the Shunned               2: S
Old Neddacka                    3: 3rd
Ox, Viceroy of the Hollows      3: SW
Raphael Catarari                1: 3rd
Servius Marius Pustula          1: 3rd
Shannon Price, the Whisperer    2: SW
Skidmark                        3: G, 2 x KMW
Tarbaby Jack                    1: BH
Teresita, the Godmother         2: BH
Tommy                           1: S

Toreador antitribu

Arianne, the Conqueror          1: SoC
Carter                          4: 3 x S, SW
Creamy Jade                     1: CE
Cristos Mantigo                 1: A
Dominique Santo Paulo           1: 3rd
Donatien                        5: 3 x S, 2 x SW
Greta Kircher                   2: SW
Ian Wallingford                 1: S
Jessica                         2: S, BH
Jonathan Gursel                 2: 3rd
Jost Werner                     2: S, SW
Justine Chen, Innocent          1: 3rd
L'Epuisette                     3: KMW
Loonar                          1: 3rd
Malabranca                      1: 3rd
Marthe Dizier                   1: G
Melisande                       4: FN
Mercy, Knight Inquisitor        3: SW
Miller Delmardigan, Teacher of  3: SW
Nicholas Chang                  1: BH
Ondine "Boudicca" Sinclair      1: SoC
Remilliard, Devout Crusader     2: S
Sheila Mezarin                  3: S
Tears, the Dark Pierrot         1: 3rd
Victor Revell, Loyalist         7: 6 x S, SW

Tremere antitribu

Alejandro Aguirre               3: 2 x CE, 3rd
Brooke                          1: S
Elena Mendoza Vasquez           2: A
Eric Kressida                   1; 3rd
Ethan Locke                     1: S
Hannigan                        1: FN
Keith Moody                     3: 3rd
Ladislas Toth, the Torch        1: 3rd
Lucibratio                      1: 3rd
Nickolai, the Survivor          1: 3rd
Orlando Oriundus                1: 3rd
Valerius Maior, Hell's F. (adv) 4: KMW


Adhiambo                        3: LoB
Anton                           2: S, SW
Caliban                         3: SW
Darvag, the Butcher of Rus      1: 3rd
Devin Bisley                    6: 2 x S, 4 x SW
Dr. Morrow, the Skindancer      2: SoC
Droescher One-Eye               2: 3rd
Duality                         1: 3rd
Elizabeth Westcott              2: A, 3rd
Guedado                         3: 3rd
Horatio                         6: 5 x S, SW
Jane Sims                       4: 3 x KMW, 3rd
Lady Zara Slatikov              1: 3rd
Laika                           1: 3rd
Lambach                         2: S, SW
Piotr Andreikov                 1: BH
Radu Bistri                     1: 3rd
Sha-Ennu                        2: 3rd
Szechenyi Jolan, Mother of H.   1: BH
The Rose                        1: CE
Wendy Wade                      4: S

Ventrue antitribu

Billy                           1: SW
Dominique (adv)                 1: BH
Dylan                           5: S
Dylan (adv)                     4: KMW
Edward Neally                   1: CE
Gerard                          1: S
Gustav Mallenhous               1: FN
Ingrid Russo                    6: 2 x S, 4 x SW
Jefferson Foster                3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Jephta Hester                   3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Juan Cali                       5: 3 x S, 2 x SW
Lazverinus, Thrall of Lambach   5: 2 x S, 3 x SW
Little Willie                   2: 3rd
Mariel St. John                 3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Marlene, the Infernalist        1: S
Neighbor John                   3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Polly Kay Fisher                3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Quentin                         8: 6 x S, 2 x SW
Randel, the Coward              1: 3rd
Rico Loco                       2: 3rd
Samson                          1: S
Titus Camille                   3: 3rd, 2 x HB
Vanessa                         3: S


Alfred Benezri                  1: CE
Alfred Benezri (adv)            1: A
Angela Decker                   6: 5 x S, SW
Huang, Blood Cultist            2: S
Margarite                       1: 3rd
Mary Johnson                    2: 3rd


Anastasia Grey                  1: J
Badger                          1: V
Bothwell                        1: A
Camille Devereux                3: J
Faruq                           1: AH
Gitane St. Claire               3: 2 x J, V
Giuliano Vincenzi               3: 2 x J, V
Gunther, Beast Lord             1: V
Gustavo Morales                 1: A
Iliana                          1: AH
Jezebelle                       1: G
Katarina                        1: DS
Quinton McDonnell               2: J, V
Ramona                          1: FN
Ramona (adv)                    2: A
Rathmere                        2: KT
Raven                           1: V
Roman Alexander                 1: V
Sarah Raines                    3: A
Sophia Watson                   1: A
T.J.                            4: TR
Vliam Andor                     2: J, V
Wynn                            1: J
Zack North                      2: J, V


Alu                             3: LotN
Antara                          3: G, 2 x KMW
Anwar                           4: FN
Badr al-Burur                   1: FN
Bakr                            1: LotN
Basir                           1: KMW
Bertrand d'Anjou                2: LotN
Djuhah, the Bronze Bow          1: LotN
Dmitri Borodin                  2: LotN
Evan Rogers                     2: LotN
Hafsa, the Watcher              2: LotN
Harika Guljan                   5: AH
Husamettin                      2: AH
Izhim abd Azrael                1: LotN
Jalal Sayad                     1: FN
Joe "Boot" Hill                 1: KMW
Kabede Maru                     1: LotN
Kalinda                         2: AH
Kamau Jafari                    1: LoB
Kashan                          2: LotN
Layla bint-Nadr                 2: LotN
Melek                           1: AH
Michael diCarlo                 3: KMW
Monty Coven                     4: LotN
Olugbenga                       1: LoB
Parnassus                       4: 3 x AH, FN
Sajid al Misbah                 2: LotN
Sukainah                        2: LotN
Tansu Bekir                     3: AH
Tariq, the Silent (adv)         3: KMW
Tegyrius, Vizier (adv)          1: A
Thucimia                        2: LotN
Vardar Vardarian                1: KMW
Yusuf, Scribe of Alamut         1: FN
Zahir, Hand of the Silsila      3: FN

Follower of Set

Abdelsobek                      4: LotN
Amisa                           1: AH
Ankh-sen-Sutekh                 1: KMW
Arnulf Jormungandrsson          1: LotN
Black Lotus                     2: KMW
Clea Auguste d'Holford          3: LotN
Danny Larkshill                 5: FN
Dedefra                         1: AH
Intisar                         1: FN
Kemintiri                       1: FN
Kemintiri (adv)                 2: KMW
Khey'tall, Snake of Eden        2: FN
Neferu                          2: KMW
Nepata                          1: AH
Ogwon                           1: LotN
Pentweret                       2: LotN
Porphyrion                      2: LotN
Reverend Djoser Jones           5: KMW
Saqqaf, Keeper of the Grand T.  1: AH
Seren Sukardi                   3: G
Shemti                          2: LotN
Sir Marriot D'Urban             3: FN
Sisocharis                      2: LotN


Accorri Giovanni                1: LotN
Carmine Giovanni                1: KMW
Cristobal Ghiberti              2: KMW
Diego Giovanni                  3: LotN
Enzo Giovanni                   1: FN
Eric Milliner                   2: LotN
Gianmaria Giovanni              4: LotN
Giovanni del Georgio            2: LotN
Kay Polerno                     2: LotN
Lia Milliner                    1: A
Lorenzo Detuono                 3: LotN
Marciana Giovanni, Investigator 1: FN
Marianna                        1: FN
Mario Giovanni                  1: AH
Paolo Sardenzo                  2: LotN
Patrizia Giovanni, Collector..  2: AH
Stephen Milliner                3: LotN


Alexis Sorokin                  2: KMW
Anjalika Underwood              5: LotN
Ankla Hotep                     1: FN
Callirus                        3: KMW
Chavi Oraczko                   3: LotN
Darius Styx                     1: FN
Devyn                           3: KMW
Ganesh                          2: LotN
Gharston Roland                 2: G
Gwen Brand                      4: LotN
Jayakumar                       1: LotN
Johann Matheson                 6: LotN
Marcia Felicia Licinia          4: LotN
Mata Hari                       6: KMW
Papa Legba                      5: LotN
Petru Sipos                     1: AH
Phaedyme                        3: LotN
Sarisha Veliku                  2: AH
Sennuwy, the Promoter           2: FN
Tatiana Stepanova, Alastor      3: KMW
Tereza Rostas                   1: DS
Vasily Vasilevich               2: LotN
Wamukota                        3: LoB


Jubal                           1: LoB
Nestor Kaba                     2: EK
Socrate Cidibe                  1: EK
Umdava                          1: EK


Fish                            2: LoB
Fode Kourouma                   2: EK
Maskini                         1: LoB
Ngozi Ekwensu                   1: EK
Urenna Bunu                     1: LoB


Elizabeth Conde                 1: EK
Falhu Shibaba                   1: LoB
Jibade el-Bahwari (adv)         2: EK
Luanda Magere                   2: EK
Undele                          2: EK


Abiku                           2: EK
Arriette Sylla                  2: EK
Casewayo (adv)                  2: EK
Idrissa                         2: LoB
Kisha Bhimji                    4: LoB/promo
Mamadou Keita                   2: EK
Titi Camara                     2: EK
Uzoma                           4: LoB


Lorrie Dunsirn                  1: KMW
Pariah                          3: KMW
Zubeida                         1: SoC


Aiyana, the Wolfcatcher         1: LoB
Cynthia Ingold                  3: BL
Darlene Killian                 1: HB
Effie Lowery                    3: LoB
Gentha Shale                    1: LoB
Helen Fairchild                 2: HB
Juanita Santiago                3: BL
Nettie Hale                     2: BL
Sahana                          1: HB
Sylvie Helgon                   1: HB
The Siamese                     3: BL


Azaneal                         4: KMW
Cybele                          2: KMW
Mary the Black                  4: BL
Nergal (adv)                    4: promo
Petaniqua (adv)                 3: KMW
Xeper, Sultan of Lepers         1: HB

Blood Brothers

Angelo                          2: promo
Barry                           1: BL
Danylo                          1: HB
Hermana Hambrienta Mayor        1: LoB
Karl                            1: BL
Kyrylo                          2: HB
Larry                           1: BL
Tom                             1: BL

Daughters of Cacophony

Angela Preston                  1: BL
Antoinette Dubois               2: LoB
Delilah Monroe                  2: BL
Janet Langer                    2: HB
Muse                            2: BL
Sayshila                        3: LoB


Cedric                          4: HB
Ferox, the Rock Lord (adv)      1: G
Fidus, the Shrunken Beast       3: BL
Malachai                        1: HB
Pugfar                          2: BL
Rocia                           4: HB
Rusticus                        3: HB


Agaitas, the Scholar of Ant.    1: BL
Solomon Batanea                 1: LoB
Zygodat                         5: LoB


Arcadian, The                   1: HB
Bartholomew                     1: BL
Beatrice L'Angou                2: BL
Dame Hollerton                  2: EK
Greer Worder                    1: HB
Isanwayen                       2: HB
Julia Prima                     4: BL
Kassiym Malikhair               3: BL
Omme Enberbenight               2: EK
Pherydima                       2: EK
Quincy, the Trapper             1: LoB
Roderick Phillips March         5: 3 x LoB,2 x EK


Prejudice                       2: LoB
Veejay Vinod                    2: HB


Eurayle Gelasia Mylonas         1: LoB
Mr. Noir                        2: LoB
Obaluaye                        1: HB

Salubri antitribu

Aredhel                         4: LoB, EK, 2 x HB
Ariel                           1: HB
Doris McMillon                  2: BL
Kervos, the Lieutenant          3: BL
Langa                           3: EK, 2 x HB
Nkechi                          3: EK, 2 x HB
Rashiel                         4: LoB, EK, 2 x HB
Silas                           1: HB
Thomas Steed, the Angry         4: BL
Uriel                           2: HB


Abebe                           2: EK, HB
Baroque                         3: HB
George Frederick                2: BL
Lithrac                         3: BL
Macoute                         3: LoB, EK, HB
Morlock                         1: HB
Tangine                         3: LoB, EK, HB
Toy                             1: HB
Troglodytia                     2: EK, HB


Earl "Shaka74" Deams            1: NoR
Erick "Shophet125" Franco       4: NoR
Francois "Warden" Loehr         2: NoR
Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande     3: NoR
Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon       2: NoR
Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania    1: NoR
John "Cop90" O'Malley           4: NoR
Leaf "Potter116" Pankowski      3: NoR
Liz "Ticket312" Thornton        2: NoR
Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin           2: NoR
Marion "Teacher193" Perks       1: NoR
Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton    4: NoR
Pedro Cortez                    2: NoR
Travis "Traveler72" Miller      3: NoR
Xian "DziDzat155" Quan          3: NoR
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