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Turn 1

Matti : T1, Discard Taste of Vitae. Juho: Parthenon ,T2. Discard Murmur of false will. Karri : T3, Brings Anarch Convert. Unmasking. MarkoS: T4, Brings Erinyi & Tupdog, Discard Fake out. Moja: T4, Discard Muddled Vampire hunter.

Turn 2

Matti: T4, Brings Rigby. Juho: T4, Discard Murmur of false will. Karri: T4, Brings Antonio D'Erlertte MarkoS: Pentex on Antonio. Tupdog recruit Rock Cat, Erinyi recruit Carlton van Wyk. T4. Brings Findus the Sunken Beast. Discard Glancing blow. Moja: T4.

Turn 3 Matti: Blood doll on Rigby. Rigby bleeds 1. Succeed. T4. Discard Immortal Grapple. Juho: T2. Brings Nefertiti. Discard Murmur of false will. Karri: Recruit Nephandus via Antonio special. Discard Computer Hacking. MarkoS: Findus recruit Rock Cat2. Rock Cat1 rushes Antonio. AC blocks. AC goes to torpor. Pay 1 to see 1. Discard Deflection. Moja: T4. Brings nothing. Discard On the Qui Vive.

Turn 4 Matti: Fame on Nefertiti. One blood back via BD. Rugby hunts. Succeed. T4. Brings Richter. Juho: Minion Tap on Nefertiti (8). Social Charm bleed for 3. Succeed. Enkil Cog on Nefertiti. T4. Karri: Nephandus1 rushes w/ Harass to Nefertiti. No blocks. Trap. Serpent's Numbing Kiss. Brings Nephandus2. MarkoS: RC1 rushes Nephandus. Nephandus1 burns. RC2 rushes Nephandus2. Same conclusion. Findus recruit Mylan. Erinyi bleeds one. Succeed. Moja: T3, Brings Gilbert Duane & Zebulon.

Turn 5 Matti: BD bloat 1. Richer rescue AC. Succeed. Rigby bleeds w/ Public Trust 3. Succeed. Discard Glancing Blow. T4. Juho T4. Karri: Blood Doll on AC. One pool. Bings Nephandus1 via Antonio special. Discard Computer Hacking. MarkoS: Dreams of t Sphinx. Sudden from Karri. Sudden get Washed by Juho. RC1 rushes to Nephandus1. Nephandus1 burns. RC2 rushes to Antonio. AC blocks. AC goes too torpor. Erinyi bleeds 1. Succeed. Using DOTS to influence. T4. Brings Brooke. MarkoS is in 4 pool. Moja: Gilbert bleeds with Govern. No blocks. Command of the beast & Bonding. Bleeds 5. Succeed. Zebulon bleeds 1. Succeed. Discard Dominate master Disc. Brings Mariel Lady Thunder.

Turn 6 time 27min Matti (pool 14): Richert removes Pentex. Succeed. Rigby hunts. Succeed. Brings Miguel Santo Domingo. Discard Trown Gate. Juho (pool 15): Brings Khay'tall, The Snake of Eden. Karri (pool 10): Secure Haven on Antonio. Antonio recruit Carlton. Blocked. Mirror walk. Juho takes Impulse. Nefertiti bleed with Intimidation+Conditioning (8). Antonio Deflection bleed to MarkoS. Findus tries to block. Faceless Night. Brooke Deflection to Moja. Bleed succeed. Archon Investigation. Nefertiti burns (OMG, etc). Karri discard CH. MarkoS (pool 3): Rock Cat1 rushes Nephandus1. Glancing blow. Nephandus burns. RC2 rushes to Muriel. Zebulon blocks. Grapple. Target Vital. 1 press. Second Round. Zebulon maneuvre to long. Moja (pool 6): Zebulon bleeds w/ Slaughtehering the Herd, threats (inferior) bleed 4. Succeed. Gilbert + Muriel bleeds 1. Succeed.

Turn 7 time 40min. Matti (pool 6): Haven Uncovered on Gilbert. Rigby rushes to Gilbert. Torn Signpost + Grapple. Sideslip to prevent. Blur superior. Gilbert 0 blood. Taste of vitae. (Rigby 5 blood). Richter hunts. Miguel Santo Domingo rushes to Gilbert. Gilbert dodges, blur. Gilbert goes to torpor. Juho (pool 12): Khay'tall bleeds w/ Social Charm 2. Succeed. T4. Discard nothing. Karri (pool 5): Plays DOTS. Contested. No actions. Brings Nephandus1. Discard Leverage. MarkoS (pool 5). Yield contested DOTS. RC1 rushes to Muriel. Grapple. Muriel goes to torpor. Mylan bleeds 1. Succeed. Deep thinking after that (2min). Moja (pool 5). Plays Vessel on Zebulon (remove BD on Rigby). Barrens. Zebulon bleed w/GtU 3. Seduction to Erinyi. Bleed succeed. Discard Madness Network.

Turn 8 time 55 min Matti (pool 4). No master phase actions. Richter bleeds w/ Legal Manipulations 3. Kay'tall wakes with OTQV and Murmur to Karri. Antonio Deflection back to Juho. Rigby bleeds Entrancement 2. Miquel bleeds 2. Juho is ousted. Karri (pool 2): Antonio bleeds w/ CH 2. No blocks. Erinyi Deflection. Moja takes the bleed like a man. Hands size down (DOTS). MarkoS (pool 5). Mylan bleeds 1. Erinyi bleeds 1. Moja is ousted. Findus hunts. Brings two Tupdogs.

Turn 9 time 63 min Matti (pool 10): (Art of deal making with Karri). Rigby Ramble on RC1. Block. Resist Earth's Grasp to Stealth. RC1 blocks. Torn signpost Rigby, Grapple RC. Sideslip pervent 1, Rock Cat prevent 1 w/ GB. Rigby Blurs. DI (MarkoS) on Blur. DI gets Sudden from Karri. Blur succeed and RC burns. Richter hunts. Succeed. Discard ToV. Karri (pool 3): Brings Nephandi (2). Discard Molotov. MarkoS (pool 11): Tupdog1 rushes Rigby. No sweets. Grapples. Presses. ToV. Round 2: Hand Strikes. Tupgod goes to torpor. Tupdog2 rushes Rigby. Pursuit Maneuvre to long. Just waves. Erinyi Bleeds 1. Miguel tries to block. Stealth. Succeed. RC2 rushes to Miguel. Succeed. Miguel Thrown gate. RC2 burns. Findus hunts. Bring up Saiz. Discard Unmasking.

Turn 10 time 75 min. Matti (pool 9): BD on Rigby. 1 blood to Rigby. Rigby hunts. Succeed. Richter stays up, Miguel hunts. Discard Bum's rush. Karri (pool 1): Nephandus1 bleeds (As a sidenote: very bad music). Tupdog blocks. Molotov. Tupdog goes to torpor. Nephandus2 burns Tupdog. Influence back. Discard Conditioning. MarkoS (pool 6): Edge + Vessel bloat. Vessel on Saiz (burns BD on Rigby). Brand new RC. Succeed. Brooke hunts. Nephandus plays OTQV. Trap. Brooke goes to torpor. Brings Royce. Discard Disarm.

Turn 11 time 84 min. Matti (pool 8). Blood doll on Richter. Richer hunts. Rigby Hunts. No blocks. Discard Aire of Elation. Karri (pool 3). Ask ideas how to play Haven Uncovered. Saize gets Haven. Nephandus recruit. MarkoS (pool 3). Saiz bleeds 1. Succeed. RC1 rushes to Rigby. Sideslip. RC presses. Round2: Grapple. Hands strikes. Disarm. Rigby goes to torpor. Royce tries Graverobbing. Richter blocks. Royce goes to torpor. Findus recruit new Rock Cat2. Discard Delaying Tactics.

Turn 12 time 93 min. Matti (pool 7): Miguel Rescue Rigby from torpor. Succeed. Rigby hunts. No blocks. Richter Ramble to Erinyi. RC1 blocks. Torn Signpost. RC1 plays Target Vital. Matti discard two combat cards to cancel TV. RC burns. Karri (pool 1). Nephandus1 bleeds. Erinyi blocks. Erinyi goes to torpor. Nephandus2 bleeds. Carlton blocks. Antonio bleeds 1. Deflection to Matti. Nephandus3 bleeds 1. Succeed. MarkoS is ousted. Brings Nephandus nro 4. Discard Deflection.

Turn 13 time 100 min. Matti (pool 6). Vessel on Miguel. Richter Rumble to Nephandus4. Torn Signpost, grapple. Nephandus GB*2. Zipgun on Richter). Target Vitals, Discard pulled fangs+Taste to cancel (easy cancel). Nephandus4. Two Entrancements stealing Nephandi. After that Matti has two Nephandi (locked) and Karri has one. Karri (pool 5) Vessel. Nephandus bleeds with Computer Hacking 2. Succeed. Antoine bleeds with Computer Hacking. Leverage. Matti is ousted! Karri WINS!!

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