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Ben Peal's Ropecon 2010 Kiasyd deck

2 x Arcadian
2 x Roderick Phillips March
2 x Omme Emberbright
2 x Pherydima
2 x Isanwayen
2 x Dame Hollerton

Great Symposium
2 x Dreams of the Sphinx
Wider View
Pentex Subversion
4 x Blood Doll
5 x Sudden Reversal

3 x Song of Pan
6 x Wake with Evening's Freshness
2 x One the Qui Vive
2 x Delaying Tactics
10 x Nocturn
9 x Gremlins
5 x Govern the Unaligned
9 x Bonding
Foreshadowing Destruction
8 x Deflection
4 x Fae Contortion
4 x Aura Absorption
4 x Shroud of Absence
4 x Stone Travel
4 x Shadow Play
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