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 +Deck Name: **Mata Hari shifts you!**
 +By: Pauli Kiova
 +5x Mata Hari
 +2x Karen Suadela
 +1x Benjamin Rose
 +1x Victor Pelletier
 +1x Mukhtar Bey
 +1x Victor Dodaldson
 +1x Dmitra Ilyanova
 +1x Barrens, The
 +1x Black Throne, The
 +1x Demonstration
 +1x Ferraille
 +1x Fortune Teller Shop
 +1x Framing an Ancient Grudge
 +1x Mausoleum, Venice, The
 +2x Pentex(TM) Subversion
 +1x Perfectionist
 +1x Secure Haven
 +1x Waste Management Operation
 +1x Ventrue Headquarters
 +3x Villein
 +1x Blessing of the Name
 +1x Bujo
 +2x Sensory Deprivation
 +3x Sibyl'​s Tongue
 +2x Sudario Refraction
 +4x Forgotten Labyrinth
 +20x Freak Drive
 +4x Lost in Crowds
 +3x Draba
 +1x Ambrosius, The Ferryman (Wraith)
 +1x Asanbonsam Ghoul
 +1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
 +1x Felix "​Fix"​ Hessian (Wraith)
 +1x Herald of Topheth
 +1x Nephren-Ka
 +1x Ponticulus
 +1x Tye Cooper
 +1x Ankara Citadel, Turkey, The
 +1x Shilmulo Tarot
 +1x Treasured Samadji
 +1x Unmasking, The
 +Political Action
 +3x Kine Resources Contested
 +4x Parity Shift
 +3x Reckless Agitation
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